26 April 2015

Week 17 #fmsphotoaday

20 This Happened
Whittakers Peanut Butter chocolate.  Need I say anymore really? Descriptive works are yum, relish, more-ish, delightful, all gone.

21 Season
Autumn in Sydney can be freezing one day and then a gorgeous sunny day the next.  I like a good mix of both.  I like being outdoors and feeling the warmth on my skin going for a walk, but I also like having a couch day with a good movie, glass of red and blanket.  Autumn in Sydney is pretty good.
Like the name for a girl also.

22 Mess
Tiggy in a mess of christmas decorations. Trying to pack them away #regram #flashback  he doesn't really make a mess in the house, but enjoys being involved in all things ribbon, empty bags or boxes.

23 Snack
Cheesecake. Work event at The Grand Chancellor Hobart.  I organised all the lunches and snacks as I originally wasn't attending the two day offsite (so I chose what I liked, even thought I wasn't there) but ended up going at the last minute. Divine. Divine. Cheese has protein in it right. haha

24 Fill the frame
Fill the frame with a huge bowl of coffee.  Why not right? Day Two of our offsite meeting and we met the Hobart team at a retro cafe near Salamanca Markets called Machine Laundromat cafe.  There was old tables that I swear my Nanna used to have, plastic coloured cups and a great vibe. A few washing machines and coffee in a bowl. Delicious, warm, nourishing. 

25 I sat here
Saturday in Hobart and had a few hours to pass before my midday flight. Sat across from the hotel in the Tasmania Mures and had an amazing view and breakfast (which involved smoked salmon).  Was an average meal but hit the spot after eating rich foods the past two days in works offsite and also dinner at Me Wah and Tasmania Mures (upstairs).  Great to just sit and enjoy the views.

26 4 o'clock
Couch. Blanket. Red Wine and the 4pm kick off - Bunnies on TV.  Playing against the Canberra Raiders in Cairns and still supporting ANZAC Day with National Anthems being played and kiddies coming out with the teams.  Perfect way to spend a raining afternoon, on our first wedding anniversary after a busy morning of brunch at Cafe Morso (where we had our reception) and then food shopping for the week. 

Week 16 #fmsphotoaday

13 Paper
Left over wrapping paper from my niece's birthday presents still laying around and very colourful.  Love collecting left over paper and keeping it to collate for next birthday or event.

14 Up
Look up to the sky and see.  Gorgeous skyline on my way to work this morning and loved that the prompt was up. I always find motivation and the sky as a museum with pictures in the clouds.

15 Dinner
Our favourite soup..... see here I blogged about it there!

16 Where I work
My new desk in our new office been there nearly a month! Love putting up pictures and cards to remind me how great life is when I am stressed and quotes to motivate me when I need. Peppermint tea helps also!

17 An ordinary moment
Feeling very ordinary with a chesty cough and was under the blankets and watching my new favourite tv show "House of cards", with the fabulous Kevin Spacey who is not so ordinary.

18 Fluffy
Our little team mascot at Coogee United is "Monty"!  He comes every week and checks out all the guys bags for food and eats my mandarins!  Such a cutie.

19 Together
Leading up to our one year wedding anniversary I thought it would be nice to do a little collage of our married year so far. Gorgeous man with a big heart who loves me.  Together.

Week 15 #fmsphotoaday

6  Shape
Easter Sunday was Elissa's 3rd Birthday - our gorgeous little niece.  She was super spoilt by Uncle Drew & Aunty Donna receiving her square wrapped present she was super excited to see what was inside and was very happy withe TMNJ tent.  

7 Beauty
Flashback to travelling to the Great Ocean Road this year, which is just truly mother nature showing of her beauty.  Gorgeous and beautiful creations carved out by the energy of the planet and tides.  

8 Breakfast
I just luurve blueberries!  I don't remember the first time I ate fresh ones but I know it wasn't until in my late twenties, maybe even in London or Europe.  They were never available where I grew up and only were in tins or pre-made muffins etc.  I love them. I eat them out of the container, with almonds or on cereal, in yoghurt, with chocolate!!  I always get value for money as i eat the entire punnet in two days!

9 Inspired
Heading out to my osteo appt on the 9th April I had to duck into Westfield's nearby at Bondi Junction to purchase a thank you present for a colleague at work.  I was looking for a great coffee table book on architecture or room design.  I found many a cookbook and this inspiring row of chefs with cooking books.  I am super inspired to cook many different recipes in the next couple months.  Will share soon (starting below).

10 Dark
Dark night and a gorgeous candle glowing in the kitchen.  Sometimes it is just nice to have no light on and relax in the surroundings of candle light. Nameste.

11 This smells so good
Red Thai Sweet Potato soup made in the slow cooker. Divine.  So Easy.  Simple ingredients and tastes truly amazing, it is our favourite!!  I just fry some red thai paste in the slow cooker (on sauté) then add coconut milk (440mls) and boil for 8mins or so and then add 1kg chopped up sweet potato and 1L chicken stock. Put lid on an let it do its thing for two hours. Yum yum in my tum.  I put into a bowl and use the stick blender to get it a good consistency and dish up, freeze some and serve with some dinner rolls fresh from the oven or crusty bread. 

12 Something Green
Today was a great Sunday, the Coogee United boys were playing football in Maroubra and I managed to get a good 35min walk in before the game. Did a big loop of the oval and then onto Anzac parade and then stopped at a fruit and veg shop to get mandarins and just noticed all the delicious greens they had stocked.  Delicious, looked so healthy and great prices.  

15 April 2015

Got a little emotional this week.

Ever since we lost our baby in February I have definitely had some ups and downs.
I feel that writing and sharing my thoughts with readers not only helps me release emotions, but from the PMs that I have received (which has totally made me feel warm & fuzzy) I know that it helps others in many different ways. I have had people share tough stories with me and revealing that not many people know about, which is truly heartwarming. We all have dealt with loss at some stage in our lives and a loss is always hard to deal with.

So lately some days I am great, peachy and know that we do have some time to try again for another baby. But there are days when life just kicks you in the fucking pants you know. You know what, that is ok. It is ok to have those days because that means you are human, you feel things.  I feel the loss so much and sometimes feel empty. Somedays I feel lucky to have gotten pregnant at all when so many cannot.

I had joined a few pregnancy apps and rolled them up to my gmail account to read and thought I had deleted them all. I hadn't and received a huggies article about being 18 weeks, 4 days. I instantly wanted to delete this reminder, but my curious nature wanted to read. It explained what was happening at this stage in the pregnancy and I thought - we will go through this stage next time. Power of positive thought, with tears in my eyes.

Instead of blocking the emotions attached to this loss I am letting them flow when they happen  - it is a part of life and how I am dealing with things  and I don't want to just brush the emotions off.

Having talked to my counsellor about dealing with triggers, I really have found this helps me decide how I will deal with any situation/trigger that arises. I will never really know when triggers will pop up but know I have a choice on how I react to the situation/trigger. Powerful stuff and I wish that everyone who struggles with emotions or depressive thoughts can really tap into the choice mechanism.

A couple triggers this week have been:

* seeing many a pregnant woman - I smiled and thought "that will be me one-day" as opposed to feeling sad & resentment (strong words I know) -it is like when you buy a new car, luggage or shoes and you just see them everywhere when you hadn't really noticed before!

* the article subscription telling me how my body & baby would of been reacting this week - read it and had positive thoughts with a little sad moment but moved on ok.

* a reminder in my calendar to make our 20 week scan appointment this week- bam!! I was not prepared for this at all. In my organised ways I had put dates in the calendar for appts - anyone who knows me, knows I can be super organised. This hit me hard. 20 week scan was alwas the great milestone after 12 weeks was reached. It was a scan that showed a bigger baby and made sure there were no abnormalities and maybe depending on positioning, the sex of the  baby. This as a time that I was excited to share with Drew,  to see our creation. I had completely forgotten about my calendar entries. It is ok. I had a sad moment, a good cry, chat to Drew & then felt better for the release. 

* friends  babyshower this weekend is a very exciting event and i am excited for them both and cannot wait to share their exicting time ahead with baby (and being Aunty Dons) - I honestly just have to get mentally ready for the day of baby chit chat and know that I might find it a little
tough, but will be ok and have a very lovely afternoon with great friends.

This week has been emotional one after a health scare with my dad (all ok thank god) and makes you stop to appreciate the great people in your life right this minute and to make the most of now. A friend miscarried and is struggling in a very abusive relationship and I just hope and pray that she talks to someone outside her friend network and gets the right help and advice she needs, because she deserves to be happy and loved. Another friend was hurt by someone she had trusted her heart with and is going to come out stronger and determined to love herself, put herself first and be proud of herself for standing up to this person.

We all deserve happiness 😆 and it has to come from within also, life will always throw curve balls. I am dealing well with them at the moment and know that like the ocean I will just flow around any obstacles that arise in the future and move on.

6 April 2015

Week 13 #fmsphotoaday

Week 13 done and dusted for my Festival of Donna week (celebration of meeee turning another year older).

23 Too Much
Feeling the love today on my 41st birthday. Really love celebrating the Festival of Me because it is my day (month) and a great time to celebrate and look forward to my new year - being an aries I see my birthday as the start of the year.

24 Treasure
This man is truly my treasure. Found him many years of finding trash relationships that were toxic and where i  couldn't be myself. Treasure indeed. I laugh, cry & snort with this man who makes my life complete.

25 Half
Surely the tide is out on this glass of Rose... my first drink with friends for 2015 deserves a little more in it don't cha think?!

26 Love
Great Ocean Road trip with the husband enjoyed immensely and wrote our initials in the sand at Apollo bay. Love xox

27 White
Checking out new digs at work meant walking a different way to head to Pitt Street mall to purchase Nespresso pods for rmwork & finding Picolo Me cafe with their white chalk message.  💚💚 all about the coffee.

28 Give
Continuing on with the celebration of me week, Drew cooked his signature dish "pork get in my belly"! Was divine and wanted more, give me.

29 Zen
I do love connecting the mind &body and having less yang energy and more yin to balance me out.  I didn't feel like leaving the house, so with the help of kitty, quiet house and a few candles I enjoyed a yin session to leave me feeling "zen" for Sunday. Nameste

Week 14 #fmsphotoaday

And I will publish Week 14 blogpost today to get me all up to date for the first time since January. My how quickly a week goes when you are busy and you forget to do your blogposts.... anyhoo.

30 On my table

Extending the festival of Donna celebrations with a delicious dinner with my fav lady Justin at Niji Sushi in Kingsford. Divine company and great food. On my table was my fav sashimi and scallops. Noms!

31 Two Tone

Sky was so pretty this week leading up to the Eclipse and New Moon, so we got many gorgeous two tone sunsets. Spoilt universe, thank you.

1 Lunch

Seriously could eat dumplings everyday but try not too at lunch unless on a cold and wet day, wuth greens and extra chilli. So fresh and healthy + delish.

2 Building

Our new office is now in the Chartered Accountants building on Erskine street which is a awesome building  -much better feng shui at the office.

3 This is good

Nothing beats the start of the Easter long weekend than a gorgeous brunch of french toast with organic coffee & walnut yoghurt with fresh raspberries. D i v i n e.

4 I stood here

I stood in so many different places on this date but nothing really exciting or interesting stood out. I remember thinking "I cannot believe it is April already" which made me think of our wedding day mast April and cannot believe our first wedding anniversary is soon!! So this was the photo for today. So happy standing here with my new husband. 

5 Egg

Love me a Lindt bunny. The end.

4 April 2015

Week 12 #fmsphotoaday

Week 12 was a great prompt week. Really enjoyed this week's challenge.
16 After
Sometimes I find watching Tiggy for ages, watching him explore both inside and outside and always manages to have fun. A good reminder I thought. So after being inside all day whilst the humans work he gets tonrun around outside for a few hours (no kitty door you see) and he just seems so content. I would like to come back as a kitteh!

17 Hobby
Hobbies used to range from stamp collecting, penpals (with hand-written letters, stamps), collecting posters of 80's bands and pop stars to taking photos with a sun camera. Now they are more digital. One of my favourites currently is the photo a day challenge. It challenges me to not only look around and be inspired by the prompt of the day, but I also get to write about my piccie and meet new online friends who also do the challenge and share their pictures on social media. Not bad for a Gen X.

18 Text

This prompt went through many thought processes. I was standing waiting for my morning coffee at #greenheart espresso and I had been given an organic blend to taste by barrister dani - it was divine. I happened to look at the coffee machine only to think  "great font".... BOOM text. Yes that is how my mind works.

19 Private

Yoko Ono - War is over exhibition at the MOCA in Sydney was truly amazing. She made you think outside the box and I loved the notes you could write to your mum and post on the wall probably the most honest letter ever. With so much love. 

20 hand-drawn
Have started journalling again.  A simple way to keep track of events and happenings that I don't want to share on social media.  Quite nice to get things out of ones head down on paper.  This pick was my first journal entry in many, many years.

21 Sun-flare
Heading home after a manic day and was busting for the sun to break through the clouds to flare a little, but didn't happen.  The clouds today were truly gorgeous and lots of little shapes and creatures which made it a positive trip home.

22 Leaves
Some fabulous green leaves today waiting for the bus to meet with Justin and Jeremy at Randwick Spot festival.  They were an unusual shade of green which i quite liked.