10 July 2015

Week 24 #fmsphotoaday

Week 24

8 Sadness
A gorgeous long weekend, drinks with a friend and this gorgeous view. Sadness to have to go back to work tomorrow.

9 Disgust
Sticking my hand up this chooks bottom to make delicious stuffing..... looks disgusting!
10 Anger
One of my pet peaves is people who litter and think that someone else will clean it up. Angry!!  Stop being a slob.
11 Fear
Three weeks before I got married in April 2014 I took a nice stroll outside and decided to sit in the nice deck chairs in the sun to relax and de-stress when they broke and I had huge bruises on the back of both my arms!!  I now have a fear of those fecking chairs.
12 Joy
Puppies make me smile. Lots of pats, licks and friendly meets makes me happy with joy.  All animals I love but dogs are always so friendly, wagging their tails and hoping you will come and play with them.
13 On My mind
Always have coffee on my mind... and this day at Tartine this was exactly what I had on my mind, good coffee.
14 Makes me feel good
Walking outside on a crisp early Sunday morning makes me feel good. It is hard to get out of a warm bed, but once the feet are walking and I take in the gorgeous surrounds I just feel so happy.

9 July 2015

Week 26 #fmsphotoaday

22 Money - So many different currencies from travels in one little tin box....
23 View - Gorgeous view from the train every morning as I pass Circular Quay... will there be a cruise liner docked or not is the thought.
24 In the Garden - Some colourful leaves on my walk to work this morning and did a little filter action to get them looking colourful
25 Depth of Field - Lychee mocktail (Dry July biatches) and I thought I would make the lychee the star of the shot, because, I mean who doesn't love lychees?!
26 Gift - My 1st year wedding anniversary gift to my husband is of course an Instagram poster. Addicted much?
27 Mini - Sometimes the day just needs a mini magnum. The end.
28 Orange - The bir/pet store next to our house has this cool little orange dude which always lets me know from a distance if the shop is open or not to get kitty stuffs.

Week 23 #fmsphotoaday

1 Many
Many different colours and themes of the Vivid Festival. My favourite is Customs House. Truly beautiful colours.
2 Looking Up
Coach Drew looking up at me after a game on Sunday football - cold and dark day and the boys played well but unfortunately didn't win. 
3 Silly
Love being silly with this man.  We have so much fun together and being silly and laughing is definitely a requirement for a happy marriage.  Silly eejits we are.
4 Starts With B
One of the best looking Bridges in Sydney I would say... no matter what angle you see it from, it is gorgeous.
5 Looking Down
Heading to Platform 6 at Wynyard to get train home.... looking down to see if my train is due at any minute to get home for the weekend. Happy Friday.
6 Who I am
A cheeky, down to earth, grateful, strong and independent woman who loves her friends, family and all animals.
7 Forgotten
Originally from Western Australia I had forgotten how gorgeously graceful swans are. Gliding along the water today at Centennial Park brought back lots of fabulous moments as a child being outdoors and chased by the swans!

6 July 2015

Frustrated with a simple service....

So nearly three weeks after my parcel was "left on the letterboxes" by TOLL Priority (read previous post here),  I have finally spoken to the fashion group (who funnily enough have their offices a few hundred yards from my apartment building, quite ironic) I was advised that the TOLL driver had purely left my package on top of the letterboxes as they didn't fit in and it is Katie's (fashion group) policy is to leave without a signature. Surely that is a stupid policy.  So someone has gotten my awesome outfits that were on SALE for FREE and I get a simple answer of "we have run out of the items you ordered, a refund will be paid to this week"!. Very very disappointed to say the least. 
So there you go. The lesson learnt is NEVER get things delivered to your home address. I normally do add my work address but thought "the post office is close to my house" surely they will just leave a slip in the letter box to collect at another time?! nope they just leave the stuff there for anyone in my building to collect.  Silly me for getting excited that I could of had my new outfits for that weekend, TWO weeks ago.
I wonder if I should do a door knock or put a note in the letterboxes to ask the nice person who took my clothes to just drop them at my door, no questions asked?

I have been keeping an eye out for some well dressed people in my clothes too..... a gorgeous pink jacket, black puffa vest, hot jeans, funky designed top and some cute little tshirts to layer for winter. Fuckers.