20 August 2018


The struggle is real.

Getting healthy and under 80kgs is my goal.

Reducing my sugar intake, training more and strengthening my core, my body and my mind.

The struggle has been so real. I admit some of it is probably in my head.  Having struggled with depression before I wasn't surprised when it happened again after the birth of my first child.  I have struggled with anxiety and depression more after we had many heartbreaks trying for our daughter.  The fear of something happening to her has increased my anxiety and I have struggled with work and relationships for the past year and a half.  Life has changed and I too must change.

20months after having a baby I am still struggling to get rid of the fog, the stresses of working life and family life. It is real and not always just an excuse.  Unless you have had the fog and struggles, it is hard to "just" get things moving.  I have gone from 96.5kgs to 89.8kgs in a year, have reached a plateau now.  Before we tried to have a baby I was 79kgs, having put on a few kgs after not training so much.  Putting on 18kgs during the trying to get pregnant process really has been tough. My mental state mostly has suffered and the body is carrying more fat than it should be and I have adopted some unhealthy eating patterns which need to cease.

I have been slowly making changes with my patterns of thinking. My thought processes and confidence all play a part in getting me healthier, fitter and to being the best version of me, now. Not the person I was 8+years ago. My mindset and body are so different now and this is the canvas I must work with and adapt to suit.

#healthyformaddie is my challenge to get me in a better frame of body and mind so I can be the best mum for my daughter, Maddison and be around longer to see her grow!