30 January 2013

Anxiety, redundancy, isolation..... the joys of not working!

So many people would LOVE to not work and are envious of the fact that I am not currently working and whilst I did get a generous pay out, I still have to pay monthly bills, rent, loan, credit card, food, travel all the normal bills that is just eating away at my payout.  I have spent a little on great things like a new KING size bed, a trip to the Gold Coast with my gorgeous fiance and some good food and wine with the family at Christmas.

The hardest thing about having no job at the moment is finding things to do to keep busy.  Now most people that know me would find it hard to believe that I of all people would struggle with this. I do. I feel isolated and find it hard to get into the swing of things.  I feel guilty. I have so many ideas of things I want to do but there is that little voice in the back of my head that says I should be doing job hunting, building my networks and applying for roles.  I am happy so far with the roles I have applied for and the calls I have made, I know I have to be more patient (I was not standing anywhere near the door when they were handing out patience).

These are a few things I have noticed whilst "trying to keep busy":

1. Sock drawer and underwear drawer get tidied up (matching up socks)
2. Cupboards get re-organised
3. Anticipates the cat to talk back to me, any day now
4. You get Ellen withdrawals if you miss one show
5. You talk to random people at the bus stop, train station or the receptionist at the gym as you haven't had human contact for 4hrs
6. You join in the "fly catching" activity with the cat, so far Donna 3, Tiggy 2 (even though I don't eat mine.....)

I am extremely anxious some days and frustrated that the "finding work" part is a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be.  I have all this time to fill and part of me gets excited, motivated but any one little thing that goes wrong could set back that happy mood.  I find at least once a week I am quite emotional and not sure of what to do with myself.

I know it is super important to ride out these low days as they tend to be the day you can get so much clarity on some issues and get fabulous ideas and I am happy to say that I have more great days than not so great, which is a good thing.  People always being positive saying "you will get there", "you will find something" just doesn't help some days with that guilty feeling.

Having changed roles in the last two years means that I don't have exactly what people are looking for. I have lots of experience, but no tertiary degree. I have a mixed bag of knowledge. Just trying to get that foot in the door so they can see that I do have a lot more to offer than showing a piece of paper that I did over 10 years ago.

Realising that it might take some time to get a good job I have applied for temporary work, even this can take up to two weeks. The system surely has changed since I was last unemployed (1999).  Even to do a pub gig/cafe stint I have to do a RSA certificate....  volunteering options are full this time of year also.

So keeping my head up, feeling positive and doing my leg work on jobs, companies, contacting people that could connect me to their networks is all apart of my daily routine. The house is spotless, the cat is overfed and I am hitting the gym everyday.  Writing courses, seminars are being set up and executed and catch ups with other friends who are on maternity leave are also being planned.

Working next on my bucket list for 2013.

29 January 2013

MMA kicked my butt!

Train insane or remain the same....  I like to keep the body and mind guessing!  I decided to mix up my training by tying the MMA class at my local gym - I had met the trainer a few times and was intrigued to see how the class would kick my backside.

Having done many boxing classes and even took a Level 1 instructor courses my fitness at the moment isn't as good as I would like - so let's just say the class kicked me good. It hurt, I couldn't breathe, I was sweating and it felt GOOD.

The class consisted of boxing with MMA bags,  running with weights above head, squats, sprawls, push-ups, punching bag in plank position, side kicks etc I certainly got a workout!

Training with Kelly, one of the PT's at All Sorts gym was good, she pushed me hard and got me used to the different techniques and terminology that I am used too from generic boxing classes.  Loved the variety and the style, will be adding MMA classes to my weekly training.  Strength, endurance, speed, stamina! My kind of training.

27 January 2013

New Year, new blog...... new challenges!

I love the New Year, it is like ripping butchers paper off an easel to reveal a blank new page, making me ponder  - what exciting, fun and challenging things to plan for 2013?!    

From being made redundant to getting engaged in 2012 I can see big changes this year for sure on the personal front with job hunting, interviews and getting my excited head around engagement parties and all things wedding...... you know like setting a date.... and wedding dresses, locations! 

On the health & fitness front, I am excited to achieve many goals set out for the next 3, 6, & 12 months.  Changing gyms late last year I am now training at a gym up the road which I love, I do miss my friends at FF but love the new environment and look forward to tackling the MMA class this week. 

Coming up next week is the start of  Febfast and Quitting Sugar Sarah Wilson style (more about learning how to make healthier desserts for me and meal ideas to keep things interesting) .... so I can get leaner and even more stronger!  My vice this last few months since being unemployed has been wine, Rose to be exact and even some nice cheese to accompany it, you think having more time on my hands I would be super organised, going to the gym and preparing fabulous meals, well I did for a couple weeks and seem to have mastered the art of procrastination. Time to clean up the habits, kick start the healthy living routine from 2nd gear to 5th! Detox the liver and ahem shed those pounds as a result of been relaxed with healthy eating and good solid training the last couple months. 

So this is my new blog, The Don's Meddle as I like to put my 10cents in and discuss issues on health, fitness, all things social media, blogs, anything in general I an urge to write about.  Time to mix things up.