20 October 2016

Feeling very grateful today!

Most days, life is pretty great! No matter what you are dealing with at the moment, remember to stop and appreciate the simple things in life that make you smile. Take time out to just be. Spend time with those who make you smile, eat the chocolate, sleep in, drink all the wine and remember life is what you make it.

At the moment I am going through one of the biggest transformations of my life, being pregnant. It encompasses my everyday with my protruding bump arriving minutes before I do, reminding me of the precious life growing inside me (especially when I misjudge something and bump into things, bump first, sorry little one)! I cherish each day, every movement she makes, the aches and the pains, the sleepless nights, but I also am so very grateful to be pregnant at 42 and being able to grow and nurture our daughter inside me. It really has opened my eyes to life and what is important for me, right now. I cannot imagine what it will be like when she arrives in about 7-9 weeks from now. I know I am happy right where I am, I don't feel like I am missing out on anything as I have truly had the best experiences in life for the past 42years. Ok i might miss sashimi, wine & running yolks.. but they will be back on the menu soon.

I have started noticing many things as my fast walking pace has been replaced by a very, very slow waddle. On my waddles around the place I do notice as people overtake me (frequently) that everyone is all so busy, rush rush, heads stuck in our phones. Obviously I have to be more aware of my surroundings as people just walk into you without looking and this allows me to people watch more (one of my favourite pastimes).

I have noticed children playing, laughter, heard conversations between people walking past and really find it amazing the things I pick up now that I wouldn't of before as I too would of had my head in my phone and my music on to block everything out. Everyone doing what they need to do each day. I recognise the familiar faces I see daily from the buskers in the tunnels at central to the same people I manage to be at the coffee shop with at the same time each day and the friendly faces that smile at me as I huff and puff along.

I was sitting on the train going home the other day and there was a gorgeous sunset and I think I was probably the only one in my carriage that was appreciating the gorgeous skyline and didn't have my head in my phone. I didn't reach for my phone to take a picture either to share on Facebook or Instagram (I know shock horror), I just sat there smiling at the gorgeous red skyline. Truly amazing.