26 November 2014

Keeping things simple.......

You can almost feel the tension rise today as people work out it is a month until Christmas. How on earth did Christmas come around so quick I hear people chat in the office and on social media sites.  It is like they are shocked it is here, again, when they know it happens every single year.  People never really seem ready for December.  There is always chat of Christmas present shopping, parties, holidays and the like and for some they get excited, for most it seems like a chore.  Change that attitude and make this next month easier for yourself!!
Keep things simple.  Don't over complicate the next few weeks.  Don't try and achieve too much, accept too many party invites (because you know you will be stressed, tired and hung-over).  What is your ideal way to spend the next three weeks?  Work out who you would like to spend time with and then plan some YOU time. Plan some quality sleep time, time to be spent doing the things you love (beach, swimming, reading, cooking) and say NO to the things you don't really want to do.  Print off a December calendar and plan out what you will be doing so you don't feel overwhelmed.  Plan out relaxing times for you and your loved ones also :)
Shopping online with a list is the best way to knock off those Christmas pressies.  Keep things simple and don't spend too much!!  Vouchers are a great gift for most people and they can use them in the Christmas sales (bargains much).

How are you going to keep things simple this Christmas??