26 April 2015

Week 17 #fmsphotoaday

20 This Happened
Whittakers Peanut Butter chocolate.  Need I say anymore really? Descriptive works are yum, relish, more-ish, delightful, all gone.

21 Season
Autumn in Sydney can be freezing one day and then a gorgeous sunny day the next.  I like a good mix of both.  I like being outdoors and feeling the warmth on my skin going for a walk, but I also like having a couch day with a good movie, glass of red and blanket.  Autumn in Sydney is pretty good.
Like the name for a girl also.

22 Mess
Tiggy in a mess of christmas decorations. Trying to pack them away #regram #flashback  he doesn't really make a mess in the house, but enjoys being involved in all things ribbon, empty bags or boxes.

23 Snack
Cheesecake. Work event at The Grand Chancellor Hobart.  I organised all the lunches and snacks as I originally wasn't attending the two day offsite (so I chose what I liked, even thought I wasn't there) but ended up going at the last minute. Divine. Divine. Cheese has protein in it right. haha

24 Fill the frame
Fill the frame with a huge bowl of coffee.  Why not right? Day Two of our offsite meeting and we met the Hobart team at a retro cafe near Salamanca Markets called Machine Laundromat cafe.  There was old tables that I swear my Nanna used to have, plastic coloured cups and a great vibe. A few washing machines and coffee in a bowl. Delicious, warm, nourishing. 

25 I sat here
Saturday in Hobart and had a few hours to pass before my midday flight. Sat across from the hotel in the Tasmania Mures and had an amazing view and breakfast (which involved smoked salmon).  Was an average meal but hit the spot after eating rich foods the past two days in works offsite and also dinner at Me Wah and Tasmania Mures (upstairs).  Great to just sit and enjoy the views.

26 4 o'clock
Couch. Blanket. Red Wine and the 4pm kick off - Bunnies on TV.  Playing against the Canberra Raiders in Cairns and still supporting ANZAC Day with National Anthems being played and kiddies coming out with the teams.  Perfect way to spend a raining afternoon, on our first wedding anniversary after a busy morning of brunch at Cafe Morso (where we had our reception) and then food shopping for the week. 

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