6 April 2015

Week 13 #fmsphotoaday

Week 13 done and dusted for my Festival of Donna week (celebration of meeee turning another year older).

23 Too Much
Feeling the love today on my 41st birthday. Really love celebrating the Festival of Me because it is my day (month) and a great time to celebrate and look forward to my new year - being an aries I see my birthday as the start of the year.

24 Treasure
This man is truly my treasure. Found him many years of finding trash relationships that were toxic and where i  couldn't be myself. Treasure indeed. I laugh, cry & snort with this man who makes my life complete.

25 Half
Surely the tide is out on this glass of Rose... my first drink with friends for 2015 deserves a little more in it don't cha think?!

26 Love
Great Ocean Road trip with the husband enjoyed immensely and wrote our initials in the sand at Apollo bay. Love xox

27 White
Checking out new digs at work meant walking a different way to head to Pitt Street mall to purchase Nespresso pods for rmwork & finding Picolo Me cafe with their white chalk message.  💚💚 all about the coffee.

28 Give
Continuing on with the celebration of me week, Drew cooked his signature dish "pork get in my belly"! Was divine and wanted more, give me.

29 Zen
I do love connecting the mind &body and having less yang energy and more yin to balance me out.  I didn't feel like leaving the house, so with the help of kitty, quiet house and a few candles I enjoyed a yin session to leave me feeling "zen" for Sunday. Nameste

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