29 January 2014

Giving up some of the things I love for 28 days....

Febfast time again.  Where you give up alcohol for 28 days, raise funds and awareness for charity, how hard can that be right? Well now they have extended the Febfast range to include giving up sugar, caffeine and digital screens.  So for this to be a REAL challenge I have decided to give up ALL of the Febfast options.   

You are giving up WHAT? I hear my coffee addict voice in my head scream at me.... but but how will you cope without coffee daily, how will you function, be alert, in control and survive?  That I will find out because I have NEVER given up coffee on purpose or for a purpose.  The only days I never drink coffee are the ones when I am feeling sick. So this is going to be HUGE and to not have something else to replace it with (ie with sugar & alcohol) will truly test my patience.

So I have already apologised to those around me as I am not sure how my moods will be affected by this... I have given up alcohol before for three months and it went really well, took a week or two to get used to not just reaching for a bottle.  I gave up sugar also for nearly five months so I know I can do it... just not having coffee is going to hurt real bad. I love the smell of coffee, the taste the warmth and the little buzz I get (but don't really need).  Going to test the power of the mind. Saying that I do love herbal teas, so will swap for peppermint and rooibos tea.

There are so many positives to doing this challenge that will totally outweigh any negatives.  They are:

* raising money and awareness for Youth Support & Advocacy Service plus Family Drug Support - you truly never really know who is going to be affected by drugs and alcohol and all families so need the support of these charities

* Saving me some extra cash to put towards my honeymoon for May

* Giving me a healthier look on my habits - how often do we say we need a coffee, screech for a glass of wine at the end of a hard working week or would die if we didn't get a chocolate at 3:30pm everyday?  That is a habit, which should really be addressed.  My no sugar has so slipped in the last few months, time to get back on board the healthy choices train.

* Huge health benefits to assist me with my "honeymoon bikini" challenge.  Reducing extra calories to make my body to purr like a tiger - help reinvigorate my system and be in control.

* I turn 40 in March! I know I am predominately good with my eating and training just like to mix it up and challenge myself in life! 

Start's this Saturday 1 February!  I have downloaded my mobile app to track y progress and please feel free to sponsor me - the cost of a wine or maybe a pack of lollies or a coffee a day for a week!

2 January 2014

Two huge events happen this year!

Happy Year of the Horse!  As the clocked hit midnight the first thing I thought was,  "I am getting married this year", then proceeded to nap on the couch, got to love being old (well I did drink an entire bottle of French rose to myself and a glass of Moet, party girl really)!

2014 is going to be a great year, I have so many personal goals to smash (health, fitness, career) plus I leave my 30's and head into my 40's -  I love that I will be 40 when I marry my gorgeous 39 year old fiancĂ©.  In true Aries fashion nothing makes me smash goals like leaving things to the last four months before an event, I function much better on a smaller time frame & do think more clearer with some stress (it is a ram thing).  My  lists have started to grow and  I have ordered my lists by month to help me keep calm and have little boxes to tick off.  How very organised of me. Love being super organised. Keep calm and just do it.

My brain goes into overdrive thinking about all the little things to plan for the wedding - sweet things, flowers, wedding bands, bling, hair, make-up - all the lovely girly things.  I thank goddess I have a great bridal party to support me and guide me in the right direction (I may have missed those very girly genes being handed out whilst I was riding my bmx).  But on some level I know everything will turn out and the day will be a success because it involves my love and so many great people dear to us, cake, champers and me in a beautiful dress (pretends to swirl around in a dress). No doves flying out of a cage or spending a fortune on expensive flowers to make sure I LOOK the part, I am having a day that makes ME smile. Our day is going to be a celebration of our love with our closest friends and family, no big hurrah or $50,000 spent on one day, just a low-key, fun filled day with family, friends, cake, champers and dancing the night away.

Turning 40 in March and I am so happy with where I am in my life.  I could do the "thought I would own a house by now and have six kids' spiel but why do that, my life has turned out as it should and I am very content & still look forward to new challenges/goals. My philosophies on life – live, love, laugh, learn. Live in the moment. Love what you have. Laugh with family and friends. Learn from mistakes. There is no such thing as perfect and who would want to live in a perfect world anyways? You wouldn't laugh at silly mistakes or realise how lucky you are when you have those down days, life is a roller coaster my friends and the more we adapt to live the better we will live it knowing that everyday we are truly blessed.

So how to celebrate turning 40, I am thinking a fantasy type theme... afternoon party with close friends and laughing, lots.  I won't worry about how many people I have attend, I will know those close friends will make it and that is all that matters, oh plus cake and champers of course.  Not too much, I do have that itsy bitsy tiny (no polka dots) bikini to get into.  Something like this perhaps?