13 November 2013

Bikini and honeymoon......

Yesterday I booked, paid & confirmed our honeymoon. 

So very excited, looking forward to 12 glorious days spending time with my new husband on the beach, swimming, snorkelling etc and of course the first thing I think of is "new bikini".  As you do.  Then I think, I have been very um relaxed with increasing my fitness and reducing the little belly I have managed to create (will call him Bob).  Even though I do eat healthy majority of the time & train a few times a week, I know I could push myself more and I definitely have been a little relaxed of late with portions/snacks, when I am happy, I eat, I cook, I share food and wine.  Ah love & life. Ain't it grand.  No excuses just things taste good so I eat them. Simples.  I ain't whinging or moaning because I am happy. I just need to pull my finger out and say byeee to big Bob and introduce you all to leaner Bob, belly blob to belly BuffBob?!.

So it is time to reshape Bob.  You will be in many pictures from my hen's night to my wedding and of course the beachy bikini honeymoon., so I expect him to look good.  My normal rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule of eating well and probably have slipped to 60/40 - which is why I have BOB.  Pure and simple.  No crash diets for me, no mad fasts or celebrity slim shakes, they don't work. I will be eating real food, just managing it a little better (denial anyone).  Vanity, pure and simple. I want to look and feel better than I do now on my honeymoon.  I want LOTS of beach pictures!!

Am looking at bikini's already and am very excited to be frolicking on the beach in something that is sexy (and NOT black) and will make me look back with a big smile on my face.  I turn 40 the month before I get married also - nothing like leaving things until later in life, when wiser and more um mature (hahahah).

So BOB is going, I fed Bob great food today and have trained hard this week. Taking it day by day and I know that pressures will be on for Friday night drinks and Christmas parties coming up but I have done it before and WILL do it again, because like a true stubborn Aries I need an actual goal, not just cause to really push myself.

Think I am more the left... was doing so well on the right a few months ago (lazy ms pig arse).  Not huge but not as slim as the piccie below (about 8kgs)

This is me in 2011. And my motivation.