6 April 2015

Week 14 #fmsphotoaday

And I will publish Week 14 blogpost today to get me all up to date for the first time since January. My how quickly a week goes when you are busy and you forget to do your blogposts.... anyhoo.

30 On my table

Extending the festival of Donna celebrations with a delicious dinner with my fav lady Justin at Niji Sushi in Kingsford. Divine company and great food. On my table was my fav sashimi and scallops. Noms!

31 Two Tone

Sky was so pretty this week leading up to the Eclipse and New Moon, so we got many gorgeous two tone sunsets. Spoilt universe, thank you.

1 Lunch

Seriously could eat dumplings everyday but try not too at lunch unless on a cold and wet day, wuth greens and extra chilli. So fresh and healthy + delish.

2 Building

Our new office is now in the Chartered Accountants building on Erskine street which is a awesome building  -much better feng shui at the office.

3 This is good

Nothing beats the start of the Easter long weekend than a gorgeous brunch of french toast with organic coffee & walnut yoghurt with fresh raspberries. D i v i n e.

4 I stood here

I stood in so many different places on this date but nothing really exciting or interesting stood out. I remember thinking "I cannot believe it is April already" which made me think of our wedding day mast April and cannot believe our first wedding anniversary is soon!! So this was the photo for today. So happy standing here with my new husband. 

5 Egg

Love me a Lindt bunny. The end.

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