14 February 2014

My favourite skin products!

I have noticed after completing Febfast last month my skin has totally cleared up - no annoying pimples in the oily t-zone region (hello, I am nearly 40! Damn hormones).  Could be a mix of reverting back to my fav facial cleanser and the fact I have given up most processed foods, caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Coincidence, I don't think so.  I always talk about fitness and nutrition - skin health is important too, obviously you can do a lot from the inside out with hydration & nutrition but a good simple skin regime is also vital.
I have also gone back to using my favourite facial cleanser which is so cheap and works wonders, no harsh chemicals and keeps my skin looking young, fresh and healthy.  I love my little array of jars and potions on my tall boy chest of drawers & the little daily rituals after having a shower and preparing for the day or for bed.  I don't like to  spend my money on expensive products because I don't believe that they work any better than the ones that are a third the cost and my favourites are:-
 The number one rule always in skincare is a good moisturiser with SPF protection.  I grew up outdoors always in the sun and my skin has minimal sun damage because year around I always put  sunscreen on before I walk out the door.  This is my favourite and have been using for a  while now. Glides on, feels great and definitely makes me feel like I am looking after my skin daily.
Have been using this since I was about 16 and went to my very first Nutrimetics party. Great for the face, lips, hands and smells great. The little jar lasts a lifetime. 

Everyday Balm by Trilogy!  Something I found a few years ago on a trip to New Zealand thanks to my friend Alex. This balm truly is good for everything - bites, burn, cracked lips, nails and is all natural and $18 it lasts for months.  Can get this from Priceline/Chemists too.
A new addition to the regime from Priceline $29.95 and lasts at least 6-7 weeks if only a couple drops used daily. Perfect for the skin to hydrate and provide a rich glow that gets absorbed into the skin. Mix this with some sorbelene cream at night (I don't wear "night cream").
I just won a sample pack of this product (thanks to competition on Instragram with Sarah Wilson (IQS).  I am excited about the natural products that produce an even tone on my face with little product and I don't feel my face is clogged full of makeup. Natural and fresh look, which I love.

As mentioned, I reverted back to my favourite QV Ego Facial wash!  Got this from the chemist in my last shop - $12.99 and you only need a small amount, makes my face feel clean without it tightening and getting dry.  This truly has balanced out my skin in the last two weeks alone.
One of my favourite gifts EVER is Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash - truly the most amazing hand scrub! I do make my own body scrubs but this is truly a holistic experience.  The bottle is $39.00 but lasts and always is great to have when guests come to visit, or just when you want a nice hand scrub/massage. Anything from this range is delightful.

10 February 2014

Drug courier to weekend underage drinking.... why Febfast means so much to me.

Day 10 of febfast today - the weekend was a nice quiet one with lots of physical activity to keep me busy so my brain didn't want coffee and wine.  In the big scheme of things I might be a little grumpy  for 28 days because I cannot have my cup of brew when I want too but first world problems really.  It puts into perspective at how quickly someone's life can be ruined by addiction.  We all walk around thinking it will never happen to us or someone we know, but unfortunately that is not the case.
We’ve all heard the media stories, ‘Teenagers and alcohol: a deadly cocktail!’. Money raised through febfast goes to programs which help the most vulnerable of these young people and families who are tackling serious alcohol and drug issues.
As a young teenager, I was first inspired to donate to alcohol and drug rehabilitation by my Mum.  Every year she used to get a letter from a rehabilitation house in Sydney (we lived in a remote town in the Pilbara that definitely had lots of drugs/alcohol problems).  I remember thinking why on earth is she sending all that money to a place that none of us will ever go to (how naive of me) so I asked her why she sends the money to a place we would never need or go to? Her reply "if anything happens to you or Kerrie with drugs or alcohol it is comforting to know there are places that would help you". Bam.  No denial there at all that her kids would NEVER do drugs or be addicted to alcohol. I like my mother am a realist.

Am so glad that neither of us required rehab, my only bad addiction was smoking the odd ciggy and weed some weekends. For me I grew up playing sport and was so passionate about I didn't want to ruin my body with harder drugs to be "with the in crowd". A couple of times I even delivered an ounce of weed to friends on the way to softball practice, the courier, never thought anything about it.  Alcohol on the other hand was the biggest problem, being readily available at every underage party I went too.  I drank underage, I did give in to the drinking culture of a small mining town, funnily enough that was considered normal.  I saw friends turn on each other always fighting, a friend of mine lost her dad when he tried to stop a fight at the front of the local pub, he fell, hit his head and died. It can happen to anyone, at anytime. 

I was lucky that I had great friends and family who I knew I could ask for help at anytime. That for me was the best feeling, knowing I was responsible for my actions but I also knew that if I really fucked up, no matter how bad, that my parents would always be there to help me.    That isn't the same for everyone and sometimes it could be the family unit or friends that leads to a bad decision that changes their life.  Yes they "choose" to try drugs, or alcohol and they think they are in control but they slowly lose that control. No support. No respect they dive deeper into the addiction/habit without feeling like they have other options.  I say until you have been there, you will never know exactly what they are dealing with... this is why Febfast and the work they support is crucial for our children, families. I believe everyone deserves support and a chance to get their lives back.

7 February 2014

Dear Coffee, I miss you.......

This is me without coffee.  I used to lie when I said I wasn't addicted to coffee. I am. Totally and utterly addicted in love with the stuff.  I love & miss everything about it.  The aroma of freshly grounded coffee beans, the slightly bitter first taste of a long black before adding a wee bit of full fat milk to it.....  that feeling around 10:30am when I need another hit and the socialisation of me and the barista who knows exactly what coffee I need at certain times of the day (I like to mix things up a long black with or without a dash, a strong latte, a piccolo...)
Today I tried a decaf latte... it was good, enough to satisfy my brain that I was indeed "having a coffee".  Nearly 7 days in... 21 to go.  I need to be strong, like a nice long black.
If you would like to sponsor me, please do so. Small cost of a coffee or wine perhaps?