4 April 2015

Week 12 #fmsphotoaday

Week 12 was a great prompt week. Really enjoyed this week's challenge.
16 After
Sometimes I find watching Tiggy for ages, watching him explore both inside and outside and always manages to have fun. A good reminder I thought. So after being inside all day whilst the humans work he gets tonrun around outside for a few hours (no kitty door you see) and he just seems so content. I would like to come back as a kitteh!

17 Hobby
Hobbies used to range from stamp collecting, penpals (with hand-written letters, stamps), collecting posters of 80's bands and pop stars to taking photos with a sun camera. Now they are more digital. One of my favourites currently is the photo a day challenge. It challenges me to not only look around and be inspired by the prompt of the day, but I also get to write about my piccie and meet new online friends who also do the challenge and share their pictures on social media. Not bad for a Gen X.

18 Text

This prompt went through many thought processes. I was standing waiting for my morning coffee at #greenheart espresso and I had been given an organic blend to taste by barrister dani - it was divine. I happened to look at the coffee machine only to think  "great font".... BOOM text. Yes that is how my mind works.

19 Private

Yoko Ono - War is over exhibition at the MOCA in Sydney was truly amazing. She made you think outside the box and I loved the notes you could write to your mum and post on the wall probably the most honest letter ever. With so much love. 

20 hand-drawn
Have started journalling again.  A simple way to keep track of events and happenings that I don't want to share on social media.  Quite nice to get things out of ones head down on paper.  This pick was my first journal entry in many, many years.

21 Sun-flare
Heading home after a manic day and was busting for the sun to break through the clouds to flare a little, but didn't happen.  The clouds today were truly gorgeous and lots of little shapes and creatures which made it a positive trip home.

22 Leaves
Some fabulous green leaves today waiting for the bus to meet with Justin and Jeremy at Randwick Spot festival.  They were an unusual shade of green which i quite liked. 

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