22 February 2015

Today I am so happy!

Today as I stood outside  in the sun with my nespresso coffee getting creative for my #fmsphotoaday challenge i smiled and thought "life is great right this moment".
A few personal challenges this year have indeed made me stronger and appreciate the smaller things in life but also have made me realise how much happiness comes from within. I might not be ready to talk about the challenges just yet online but i have really learnt who my close friends are and am never amazed at the support available and am so very grateful.
Today's #fmsphotoaday theme was macro. I thought I wonder how macro my Samsung camera could go? I was amazed at the zoom to capture rain drops left sitting on my vine outside. I love that you can see the reflection of the sky. Made my morning. What a great picture of nature to show that beauty is all around.

9 February 2015

Week Six #fmsphotoaday

Week Six of Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge complete.  I am so excited to do a FULL year of the #fmsphotoaday challenge.  Here is a little description of my piccies for this week.

Monday 2nd - Mail
Got the "you have a parcel" slip in our tiny postbox which meant my books had arrived from Mum.  Yes we send each other books in the post to read, kind of like a postman pat library.  I was excited as i was finally going to read James Bowen's "A streetcat named Bob".  The amazing true story of how James survived being on the streets of London after he met a ginger cat who he named Bob.  To give you an idea of how good the books are, I have read both already as of yesterday (8th Feb).  Easy reading and you will just love Bob.  

Tuesday 3rd - Water
It was raining today but decided to use my photo archives to put up a water picture that made me smile and feel warmer.  The water picture for this prompt was taken in Thailand on our Honeymoon in May 2014.  We had jumped aboard the Josephine for a gorgeous day out visiting the islands around Koh Samui. Clear blue water, gorgeous day with my husband.

Wednesday 4th - Reward
Coffee after a crazy couple days was just the reward I needed. Trying a new coffee shop I was worried I wouldn't get a good cup of cha, but I was wrong!! Delicious strong latte delivered the punch I needed to get through the rest of the hump day Wednesday. Long live the coffee bean!

Thursday 5th - Something Blue
I always like unusual wooden objects, quite obsessed with wooden artifacts and anything wood related.... so when I read this prompt I knew I had to use the blue wooden crates picture I took at Sculptures by The Sea. Love the contrast of the blue.

Friday 6th - Makes Me Smile
Today was a rough day. Probably the roughest day in my life to date. But I am so glad I have my two babies with me who make me smile on a daily basis. They are both so cute and cuddly and I love them with all my heart.  

Saturday 7th - Stripes
I seem to have many skirts and dresses with stripes so today's prompt was an easy one. Stripey dress from St Frock! Gorgeous comfortable and colourful dress to make me smile.  Love stripes.

Sunday 8th - In My Bag
After stalking her clothes on Facebook and hearing rave reviews I finally purchased some Erin Louise goodies! The items came in a little mesh bag with a big love heart on it. Definitely a great In My bag prompt. Beats the boring items in my big handbag that needs cleaning out.

3 February 2015

Week Five of #fmsphotoaday

Monday 26th Three Things
Australia Day - Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australian flag and friends
Just the perfect three things needed to celebrate Australia Day on Monday 26th.  A lovely afternoon having lunch at the Lord Nelson pub and then a wander through the Rocks to check out bands and stands of food galore and Australia Day happiness.

Tuesday 27th - Morning
A quiet Tuesday morning I had an appt down Chinatown end of town and it was eerily quiet and empty and I remember thinking "I have never seen Chinatown so empty", it was great to get a snap of the entire strip with no-one around, ahh bliss! Normally it is SUPER packed.

Wednesday 28th - Strange
Snapped this on Tuesday with Wednesday's prompt in mind.  An interesting shop in Chinatown hosting clothes and other shop like things in what looks like snow.  Suited the day as it was cold and wet.  I remember the first time I saw snow, I was in Belfast in 2000 and it was such a happy day.

Thursday 29th - Summer
After the last two days been cold and wet it was gorgeous to see the sunshine and feel the warmth on my skin! I stood in the sun for ages this afternoon and just took in the warmth - was working from home so a good excuse to just hang outside. Ahhh.

Friday 30th - My Fav Food
I love love love eggs & soldiers with a pot of tea!  How British off me.  It is my happy and comfort food and in the Jones house we are known to have eggs & soldiers quite frequently, sometimes for breakfast, sometimes for dinner.  Fancy we are like that.

Saturday 31st - On Top
Whilst the brain went to a few gutter places for this prompt I chose something else that makes me happy - french toast with ricotta, honey and strawberries On Top!!  Last day before Febfast started with no sugar and no alcohol and I wanted pancakes.  Was very happy with this delicious dish, sitting in the sun with my husband at a cafe in Redfern and just enjoying great food and each others company. Happiness. 

Sunday 1st - On my plate
As part of the Febfast challenge of no sugar and no alcohol I am increasing my intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to at least 4-5 veggies a day and 2 pieces of fruit (strawberries, kiwi, berries, stone fruits.... yummy in my tummy)! Healthy Donna is a happy Donna who has lots of energy, isn't sick and functions much better!

2 February 2015

Week Four of #fmsphotoaday

I forgot to blog about my Week Four challenge with #fmsphotoaday!  It was a bit of a mad week last week.   Four day week and all that.

Monday 19th Homemade
A picture of delicious red velvet cupcakes I made as a Christmas present for my friend Justin.  I know he loves all things sweet, cupcakes and loves sprinkles so it was such a happy present to make as I knew he would LOVE them.

Tuesday 20th Window
There is something about cathedral windows that I love, I believe they mirror some gorgeous energy about the church and always find myself looking admiringly at them and this makes me feel happy and connected to higher energy.

Wednesday 21st In a row
Pillars on a gorgeous Heritage listed building make me realise I live in an amazing city in a fabulous country whilst still so young have some gorgeous architecture.

Thursday 22nd Collection
I have fond memories of wood from my Pop growing up. He always was so crafty with his hands and could make anything with wood or other scraps he could find.  He loved proper wood and I used to love listening to his stories about oak, mahogany and my favourite wood Jarrah.  

Friday 23rd Something far away
Friday night sitting at Essenza Italian restaurant with my husband for date night (after he had found their pictures on Instagram and we had drooled too long over the yummy food porn pictures) the sunset was truly gorgeous. Just felt so happy sitting there looking at my man, feeling like the luckiest woman alive. Sunsets and dreams.

Saturday 24th Play time
This little poppet is my niece Elissa, she is just a bundle of energy and her laugh is infectious.  Playing on the see-saw at the park watching her smile and enjoy the simple play time fun in life made me so happy (plus I had a great coffee)!

Sunday 25th black & white
Date lunch with Justin and we headed to a new restaurant in Bondi Junction Westfield called El Topo, where you can get crickets on the menu. Normally I am always happy to try new things I decided to get the slow cooked lamb. Yum. We washed it down with pineapple soda and a hibiscus and lime drink. Yum Yum in my tum tum.