22 November 2015

Little Big Love

After many months I am finally reading Little Big Love's stories of loss, healing and hope after miscarriage.

I feel I have healed quite a bit from my two losses this year. Sometimes I can go a whole day without thinking about my angels and somedays I have "what if" moments.

I would highly recommend reading this book (link below) if you or someone you know has had a miscarriage, even though some people can forget about loss, the parents never will.

I have started following a miscarriage closed group page on Facebook and so many woman from all over the world have shared their stories and the same theme seems to arise, they feel alone, isolated and feel they cannot turn to family and friends as they should have "gotten over it by now", or "get tild to just try again" and work colleagues who struggle to talk to them after they find out. This is a true struggle and women all over the globe feel like they are loosing their minds.

Thank you Kelly Marchant https://m.facebook.com/Bearsofhope/ for publishing your book and for giving women a voice and the support they need. I am like you and wear my heart on my sleeve and talk about things when I need to, even when the "so-called" protocol is not to.

Hopefully society and the medical profession will catch up and we can not hide the first trimester of our pregnancies if we feel like it to "shield" us from attitudes of society of something that is so very common.


14 November 2015

Saturday night in- meatballs & wine

A rainy Saturday called for a nice hearty meal for dinner,  so I googled Jamie's meatballs (as you do) to make for our relaxing dinner and Saturday night in. The sauce bubbling away smells divine and quite easy to make. I find Jamie's recipes easy and always taste delish.

Enjoying a glass of shiraz whilst cooking always makes the dinner taste better (just does you know)! I find I always get a little creative and add ingredients to the mix.... namely wine.

Divine. Link below 


13 November 2015

Tapping into new moon energy!!

The sun shining certainly makes a great start to this Friday 13th. Superstitious for some, I find the energy today to be buzzing with new changes and loving the new moon vibe. Hello energy!!

Things are shifting and I am sensing many others feel it also, whether they are tapped into the spiritual realm or just connected and feel the vibes around them. The key is when sensing change to act on the signals or gut feelings you have - this is something I am experiencing right now and letting go of the fear (left thinking brain) and enjoying the creative new side of things (right brain).

So today I am thinking and sharing the things I want and not giving energy to the things I don't want. Loving this fearless energy and for the most I want change. I am stuck in a rut with who I am and where I am heading - time for new creative learning, feeding myself new challenges mentally, physically and emotionally to move forwards and achieve purpose, validity & financial gains also. New exciting plans ahead. Spending more time in right brain!