21 March 2014

I turn 40 in 2 more sleeps! Am excited....

Freak out man you are turning 40! 
Nah not this chick (see how I go on Sunday when the clock officially ticks over....)  I am a very happy person today partly because it is Friday and I did an amazing Hatha Yoga session at lunch which just totally zen'd me out and any work problems today are just being handled so easily.   Plus on my desk sits two bottles of champers darlings! All for me... mmmmm bubbles are a girls best friend (screw diamonds they don't give you an awesome buzz). 
I am feeling pretty content with myself at this point in my life, a couple years ago when I was depressed Bridget Jones style on a Friday night finishing off a bottle of red wine AND Ben & Jerry's watching SATC I promised myself that I would not measure myself by the things I had NOT done but by the fabulous things life has given me.  Yes I was single back then but I also promised myself that just being happy with my daily life and decisions, by being me was the key to enjoying life.  Truly best piece of advice I have ever given myself and reflect on that now and then (because I still am a girl damn it)!
So I head into another decade feeling pretty good about myself, I have done what I have done with life and very happy indeed, I am loving the finer things in life and I even though  I don't "look" my age (nor act it either) and even though my body might have slowed a little I still pretty much do what I want, when I want and will never use age as an excuse. 
So the Festival of Donna is officially underway - spending my time with those who I love having in my life and as always involving bubbles, laughter, food and some baseball to add a little bucket list action into the mix (well have seen the Yankees, but this time go the Dodgers)!
Bring on the fourties! Going to be a blast!