26 April 2015

Week 16 #fmsphotoaday

13 Paper
Left over wrapping paper from my niece's birthday presents still laying around and very colourful.  Love collecting left over paper and keeping it to collate for next birthday or event.

14 Up
Look up to the sky and see.  Gorgeous skyline on my way to work this morning and loved that the prompt was up. I always find motivation and the sky as a museum with pictures in the clouds.

15 Dinner
Our favourite soup..... see here I blogged about it there!

16 Where I work
My new desk in our new office been there nearly a month! Love putting up pictures and cards to remind me how great life is when I am stressed and quotes to motivate me when I need. Peppermint tea helps also!

17 An ordinary moment
Feeling very ordinary with a chesty cough and was under the blankets and watching my new favourite tv show "House of cards", with the fabulous Kevin Spacey who is not so ordinary.

18 Fluffy
Our little team mascot at Coogee United is "Monty"!  He comes every week and checks out all the guys bags for food and eats my mandarins!  Such a cutie.

19 Together
Leading up to our one year wedding anniversary I thought it would be nice to do a little collage of our married year so far. Gorgeous man with a big heart who loves me.  Together.

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