27 August 2013

Train hard for you, eat well, for you!

Social media this morning was a big mess of people feeling guilty about not being the best they can be, not training enough, not eating properly.  Well I just say you get out what you put in. If you only eat well and exercise 50-60% of the time STOP expecting amazing results, if you are also starving yourself and training like a mad person, your body will be tired, run down and probably storing any fuel it has as supplies. 

Comparing yourself to anyone else is just madness. You have NO idea of how their body functions or how it adapts to clean eating or exercise, everyone is DIFFERENT. 
Killing yourself by training lots and eating less is not a healthy way to get healthy for LIFE, yes it might make you look good at the end of your challenge but what has it taught you? Nothing.  You will be tired, run down sick, grumpy and probably go right back to your habits before. Yeah that is so the look you were going for right?

Finding out what suits you is vital. Do what works for you! Listen to your body, if you are hungry all the time you are starving yourself and your body won't function properly let alone drop body fat and build muscle. You need appropriate fuel to do that, good protein, fats and some good carbs.  Building muscle takes TIME, that is why the scales are irrelevant!! Your body goes through so many processes daily from digestion, to absorbing nutrients, breathing etc that your weight will fluctuate. If you have those scales that say you have put on 4% muscle in a week, throw them out!!  I think the rough average guide for women is about 0.12 – 0.25 pounds of muscle per week (or about 0.5 - 1 pound of muscle gained per month). 2.2kgs to a pound.

You can still make great changes in a short time if you are consistent with your nutrition and your training. Stick to your routine for at least 4-6 weeks before making any drastic changes - plan out your training, nutrition and stick to it. NO excuses, I don't care what happens in your life (well of course I care, you get my drift). Life will always throw shit at you,  there will always be birthdays, work/personal events, dinners and you need to stand up for yourself, be proud and stick with the healthy eating etc and say NO to that cupcake at your 4 year old niece's birthday, are you seriously going to do it to keep her from getting upset? She is 4 years old, she will get over it! 
Stop with the excuses, stop with the guilt and just get healthy, achieve YOUR goals you have set out for yourself. You don't need BAD treats, learn how to make delicious healthy treats from wholesome foods, get out of that negative headspace.  If you want a glass of wine, have one and just stop there. Be strong, be the person you want to be.  Lead by example. Actions speak louder than words.


21 August 2013

Importance of Yin and Yang...

After doing my second Hatha Yoga class this afternoon I feel reconnected and also recharged. Having a low energy day today for a few reasons I listened to my body and knew it needed some down time, some recharge time and that a heavy weights session or cardio session was not going to help me today.

Taking some time for yourself regularly to just stop and breathe, take some deep breaths in, relax and calm your mind are truly priceless.  We are so busy, we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses so to speak. This afternoon was a good reminder for me that I needed some chill time, to have some alone time stretching out my body, releasing tension held in muscles from stress at work, from worrying about money, wedding, health etc and just letting go.  Truly cannot put a price on your health - physical & mental and a few emotions got brought to the surface today which I didn't even know I was holding onto.

Spending some time with YOU, doing what you love, something that relaxes you is vital.  From reading a book, taking a bath, yoga class or even a walk in the bush, beach or park is enough to regenerate, relax and de-stress. 

So happy I have found this time for myself. I love it and my body & mind are nodding away at me saying "thanks so much for letting us have your time".

The instructor, Michelle Rose was amazing again today, she truly is a blessing.  Looking forward to finding out more about her charity yoga session (donation only entry) she is holding at Bondi on the 15 September.  If you want to find out about this post in the comments below and I will let you guys know.

So, have you made time for yourself this week?

20 August 2013

Three weeks into challenge, photo time....

Am very happy with this progress.  The main reason is I haven't been starving or restricting myself or eating salads for the past three weeks.  I have been experimenting with healthy options and eating more fat than the normal plans allow, because I felt that was helping my body more than starving it with like 1200 calories.  I have been a little relaxed with wine and cheese intake (even though it has reduced lots) and am enjoying meals out with friends and making smart choices but not eating just a salad. 

I have always known to drop body fat and build muscle I need more than 1200 calories a day, I am 6ft tall with at least 56-58kgs muscle to maintain plus my body systems that need to function efficiently daily (you know heart, lungs, central nervous system) this all needs WAY more than 1200 calories to function efficiently and fire on all cylinders let alone drop fat and build muscle. 

I am listening to what my body wants and not having negativity in my head about food, no more "what should I eat, when?". My mentality is my body needs fuel. So I fuel my body with nourishing foods. No sugars, no over processed crap and make smart choices that I am happy with.  I am loving my oats in a jar and looking forward to making my own almond milk this weekend. Filling up during the day on nuts, protein and full fat dairy is keeping me from having cravings. I am enjoying cooking healthy foods, loving my green smoothies I have 4-6 days a week instead of downing a multivitamin. Trying to ingest all my nutrients through food.

Enjoying following my own rules and being happy with my decisions most days is working well.  Time to step it up a notch. Watch this space.

19 August 2013

Tomorrow is the END of NO Sugar!


It commenced on the 1 July (I commenced a week earlier) so it will really have been 58days sugar free tomorrow for me, well 56 days sugar free as I did have two big blowouts.  But I see that as a learning curve and honestly can say I am enjoying being sugar free and good timing I just got my I Quit Sugar recipe book by Sarah Wilson in the post after attending a talk a couple weeks ago at Flow Athletica in Paddington.

So even though it is technically the end of NO sugar, I won't be rushing out to buy my body weight in lollies or chocolate because I don't feel like I have to make up for that time, I feel like I have totally changed the way I think about sugar, food and fructose.  It has truly made me reduce processed foods to a minimum.  I don't crave anything really anymore, I fancy a chai latte or I fancy the cinnamon on top really.  I enjoy making fructose free chocolate, muffins and now that I have my new cookbook I am excited to make lots of yummy recipes.  Obviously some of them will be a "sometimes" food as I am still on my muscle up challenge to ditch the wobbly bits and turn my triceps upside down.

So no more counting down the days and hopefully no more blowouts, the fact that I am NOT craving sugar is a great thing, my body is feeling the benefits and I am feeling so full of energy. I feel my immune system and my kidneys are thanking me for NOT poisoning them with high levels of fructose daily, our bodies can only really tolerate 6-9 teaspoons a day (2-3 come from fruit).  Read the post on Sarah Wilson's blog she explains it perfectly. 

All I can say is give it a crack, you will surprise the hell out of yourself. Especially if you are someone who eats processed cereals, low fat milks/dairy and loves chocolate and lollies/cakes/sweeties/soft drinks.  You will think you CAN'T but that is all in your mind, what you think you believe.

I tried the best cheesecake yesterday at Coogee after doing a nice beach walk from Maroubra, 8km return walk with lots of stepping stones on the rocks along the beach, stairs, so bringing on my summer butt and legs (bikini here I come) and decided to have a latte and cheesecake. Was scrumptious.  The base was macadamias mixed with coconut butter and the filling was coconut cream and berries and so so so goooood. So healthy. Give that to me any day over those sweet nothing tasting cheesecakes from Sara Lee. 

Taste buds and habits can change. Just trust yourself and realise that you will never be PERFECT, just making the better choices for you, your body, your mind and your family. Go on, give it a crack.

16 August 2013

How am I feeling after 54 days OFF sugar.....

Something I wanted to share with you today is how I am feeling, am 54 days into my sugar free journey and I am feeling great, have dropped some more weight on the scales and measurements slowly coming off too!  I am enjoying being sugar free. I love that my taste buds have changed and my mentality also.  I see chocolate, or lollies and I don’t want them (our lolly jar at work must be SO full).

The thing I noticed this week is that I am having NO PMS symptoms. NO irritability, no mood swings, no cravings for sweet things at all.  I used to get emotional, angry and blergh the week before I was due and last month I was still a bit emotional but not as much, this week, feeling good, not bloated or anything – amazing how your body can change in such a short time.

I attempted my first batch of no sugar muffins last night using almond meal, berries and olive oil – with cream cheese icing.  Used Stevia and half the amount it suggested, tastes amazing, so tasty and no sugar spikes/insulin spikes at all, the cream cheese icing had stevia, butter and Philly full fat cream cheese with some freshly grated lemon rind. SCRUMPTIOUS. Even the boy enjoyed these muffins….and he is a sweet tooth. It tasted full, full of nutrients, good fats and wholesome.
Who says they have to look pretty? They look pretty damn good to me! mmm

Alongside the homemade chocolate also in my fridge I have lots of delicious yummies if I feel like something a little of the normal eating plan with my cuppa in the next week or so.

14 August 2013

Hot Hatha Yoga

Hot hatha yoga alternates between vigorous, gentle yoga postures and appropriate vinyasa to further refine the circulation of the life force.

Have seen Hot Hatha Yoga on the timetable at Hard Candy and have never managed to get to a class, until today.  It was lovely, relaxing and not TOO hot.  I am a big believer of overheating the body is a bad thing - but was relieved to know the room is only heated to 37 degrees.

It was so lovely, felt like it was not a winter's day outside.

I tend to overheat quite quickly and I found it very pleasant, got a nice sweat on (I sweat like a pig, seriously) and we did lots of gentle yoga poses to stretch and lengthen the muscles. Having done many Body Balance classes and the odd yoga class here and there it wasn't too hard and the instructor, Michelle, was inspiring with her calmly spoken guiding words, advising us to do what we felt we needed, that is just perfect for the kind of class, soft, gentle and at your own pace.  It was about stretching, connection and being at one today with my body & mind.  I had already completed a heavy weights session this morning, so my body & mind welcomed this with ease.

Loved that it was a slower pace today, with no handstands, but a couple of lovely backbends... Namaste.


12 August 2013

50days without sugar today!!

Amazing how quickly the time goes! So how am I feeling? Fantastic.

The one thing I can say about this challenge was I found it quite easy as I was in a great place mentally.  Yes there were small hiccups along the way & two blow-outs, but the things that I have learnt from this challenge are:-
* I can achieve anything I set out too
* fructose is evil
* the body dosen't know how to process  fructose
* fruit is still my friend - just not a lot of high fructose ones all the time
* healthy fats are my friend
* there will always be haters, don't spend your time explaining anything to them
* i don't miss anything really except dark chocolate & I wont lose sleep over having some from time to time & I am loving experimenting making my own sugar free treats
* I am on this no sugar caper indefnitely
* I probably eat sugar (fructose) free 95-98% of the time apart from fruit/breads etc

My two blow-outs were a delicious chocolate mousse cake that was so rich & full of cream - it was ok on my tummy, no real sugar high's or lows thanks to the full cream content.  The two sparkle cupcakes on the other hand made me very sick, nautious, shakes, cramps & a hungover feeling the next day.  That is enough for me to know it is bad, bad, bad!!

I love fresh tasty foods & processed sugary foods I don't care for or miss. Bring on the next 59, 60, 70 days with low to no fructose!!

The official #50  days sugar free finishes on 20 August (started 1 July) you can start anytime!!  Check out these two fabulous people who have & will continue to inspire me & motivate me:

Sarah Wilson

Nat Carter - New Outlook Fitness & 50 Days no sugar

Over and out.

5 August 2013

Day 43 no sugar, eating clean, training mean, being prepared... NO EXCUSES!

FINALLY got up early this morning and trained.... YES. Partly because I had made a very public commitment to stick to my guns and train when I scheduled training, no excuses.  The non-reward for not sticking to my training plan, NO social media for ALL of September.

So Day 43 no sugar. I don't miss it. I don't want it. Not really fussed for any sweet lollies or chocolate. Nope, nada. Love it.  Yes we all know that I had small piece of chocolate mousse cake and enjoyed it but quite frankly I really don't miss the soft drink, the lollies, cadbury. So so good. So a week until I hit my own 50days mark.  Then 7 days until the official 50day mark.. Love that I started early.

This mornings session was a small but KICK ASS session. Weights circuit with some rower sprints thrown in at the end. Sweaty mess I was.  That is worth getting out of bed for.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon cooking up a storm!  After a very stressful shopping trip to Eastgardens at 3pm on a Sunday when everyone who has kids is shopping, together.. Ugh.  I managed to not knock anyone down... anyhoo I got all the food I needed to do a big PREP cook up. Spag bog for dinners, then for snacks and lunches: egg & bacon muffins as you can see below, turkey meatloaf, cauliflower rice, protein balls, oats in a jar (below) for the odd breakfast.. so good being organised.

Just love having fresh ingredients to prepare food with... makes eating clean SO much easier when fresh food is so easily available. Was so excited to get up and train this morning to start the day with a good workout and then fuel the body with wholesome foods.  Bring on the rest of the week.  Lots of work to be done, just going day at a time. 


2 August 2013

The Don's Friday brain farts.......

It has been one of those weeks! Why on earth do we say that ALL THE TIME.  It is always going to be one of those weeks... slaps forehead.

My brain functions on crazy level most days, so I thought I would share with you some of the craziness that is bursting from my head, in no random order!

* Grumpy cat is freakin hilarious!  His mamma should be real proud for teaching him to do selfies & post them on Facebook.

* Life is so short people, life is to be lived, quit your whinging (random people overheard this week), vent that shite and move on.

* Sydney is fecking crazy, everyone just thinks they are the only ones walking on the pavement, or across the road - try this people, look around you from time to time and GET OFF YOUR PHONES!  For those who know me know I am a social media whore, BUT, even I don't walk with my phone all the fecking time or walk across streets typing a text that can wait five seconds, I wait until I get to the bus stop like SEMI NORMAL people & then sit on the bus ALL the way home on my whore apps.

* St Andrew's Cathedral is truly gorgeous.  Especially with all the barren trees.  Just a pleasure to walk past everyday.

* Eat something every now and then that you WANT! Just don't do it all the time and move your body, simple.

* Wine is a food group. So is cheese.

* Mason Jars are so cool need to get me some STAT

* Buy someone a little low-cost,thoughtful gift on your way home tonight to make them smile, could be yourself you buy it for, your friend, your partner, your cat... always makes you feel warm and gooey. 

* Pug dogs are just super cute, wish they could talk like in Men in Black....

* Laugh, often at yourself even. You are hilarious.

* I love that I am slightly mad off centre, because that means I am just ME, who wants to copy someone else, yawn!

* Do the shite that makes you happy and that you want to do.

* Buy that dress!

* Coffee rocks

* Stop being so god dam fussy, just meet that person for a drink that you met on Friday night, what do you have to loose?

* Wonders if ET actually made it home?

* Drugs in sport is effing annoying, wish the media would stop going on and on and on and on about it! Just give us sport!

* Channel 10 should do a version of Big Brother in PNG with our politicians.....   haha now THAT I would watch. Give them minimal rations, you know like the people in PNG actually have.

* Call that friend you have been meaning to and go for a coffee/drink.

* You are awesome, talented, beautiful, sexy and powerful, never doubt that, get out there and smash your fears!