25 June 2015

Don't mess with me Thursday!!

As I sit here on hold for TOLL to explain to me where my missing parcel is I start to wonder about processes these companies have and how they can be such large companies but still lack a few little simple tools to make life MUCH easier for all parties.  Firstly getting me to enter my consignment number on the phone does not actually DO anything as they then ask for it again and enter it into the computer, so why ask for it in the first place if it doesn't do anything? Then they put you through to a different area and the person has NO idea what your query is and you have to go through the entire story again (trying to put on my nice patient voice).  All for a courier delivery service that truly should be simple, you ring the bell, no-one answers, you put a delivery card in the box so the purchaser (me) knows that they tried to deliver the item.

It seems that the delivery people had a box ticked saying it was ok to leave without a signature, I didn't approve that, did the retailer just assume I would be home? So either my package was delivered outside for the world to walk by and just take it or put INSIDE if someone was so kind to let the driver in the door, to date no-one has knocked on my door to say, "i believe this parcel is yours"!.
Now don't get me wrong the people I have spoken to have all been lovely and very helpful but I just find that such a simple process gone wrong costs me time and my purchases (okay,  so I shouldn't of ordered all the amazing specials online, but seriously when else would you get five items for $110)!! Yes, Katie's had a huge sale and because I am now IN my forties I like Katie's, they have either totally revamped their style since last I went in there with Aunties shopping 20 years ago or I am now indeed at THAT age where comfort is sometimes a little more important than a small size fitting you. Ahem.  It has been a week and they have no idea what happened to it because they cannot find which driver was on that day. handy.
So.... hopefully will get a call tomorrow to find out exactly what Mr Driver did with my goodie parcel. I want my goodies! There is a cute quilted puffer jacket/vest i want to wear this weekend. I mean how cute is it........ 

Watch this space. Rant over.

23 June 2015

Week 25 #fmsphotoaday

Monday 15 - Sun
The sunset in Hamilton Island would of been so lovely today in cold and wet wintery Sydney.  I love the sun, the warmth and the glow. Makes me feel alive.
Tuesday 16 - Anything
Since I was a kid I have always looked up at the cloud and love seeing a shape of anything I can from animals, candy swirls to feathers. Anything shaped in the clouds I love.
Wednesday 17 - Lunchtime
Last lunch in the CBD with my husband today at Chefs Gallery before he commences his new job at Macquarie park. Pork bun was #delicious
Thursday 18 - Local
Love meeting up with my friend Rossy for a drink and a chat - we should do it more often but since our local is Cod & Co (used to be Cloudy Bay) in the Westfield's, we would be broke, drunk all the time and fat..... hmm.... that doesn't sound so bad.  A great local place to catch up with a friend in the city.
Friday 19 0 9 o'clock
What else would I be doing on a Friday night but hanging out with my cool buddy "frenchie"!  I only received him in the post today from my dad who brought them off a guy at Bunning's who was selling them for the local aged care facility, what a truly lovely thought. Thanks Dad.
Saturday 20 - What I'm doing now
Whilst the young kiddies drink cocktails, shots and spirits I was enjoying sharing this beef burger with my other half on a Saturday night at Justin's birthday bash. Bank Hotel Newtown, amazing food. Was great to catch up with some peeps, eat some delicious food.
Sunday 21 - Wet
The kitty don't like when his Caturday and Sundays are raining.  He was not impressed at all with the "wet" backyard and playground, but still managed to explore things he has explored a hundred times and have fun.

18 June 2015

So many amazing babies!

Loving the energy around me at the moment, there are so many of my friends having babies or finding out they are pregnant that is making me smile with so much happiness for them and on some level making me even more determined to have one of my own soon also. 

The last four to five months have been a journey that is for sure, a journey that unless you travel it yourself you really couldn't imagine it at all.   I am a big believer of the universe being a little in control of my destiny and know that when the right time comes an angel will give us a little bundle of joy that will keep us up at night, keep us busy with feeding, changing and never ending cries, laughter and smiles.   

I still feel a small pang of jealousy when I hear someone elses good news, but know that one day I will be sharing the same news hopefully with close family and friends. Life surely works in mysterious ways & I know that I need to be positive & focus on all the amazing things life has to offer. Life is truly an amazing gift & to be able to live each day is a blessing. My favourite L words are #love #live #life #laughter


12 June 2015

Week 22 #fmsphotoaday

Monday 25 - Lucky
Still capturing the Hamilton Island vibe for the Monday this week - can you tell I just loved the place. Being in the sunshine when I knew Sydney was cold felt good.  So lucky to be able to live in a country that has such divine places to explore. So lucky to be able to afford a nice break with my husband who I am so very lucky to have in my life.

Tuesday 26 - Daily Ritual
Watching Masterchef with a nice cuppa tea is a great daily ritual for Tuesdays - I enjoy relaxing and just enjoying people cooking up a storm.
Wednesday 27 - Borrowed
I went back to the archives for this one as the first thing that came to mind was borrowing my Nanna's wedding and engagement band for our wedding in April 2014.  Had this in a little mesh bag pinned to my dress and was nice to know that a little part of my Nanna's wedding day became a part of mine.  I know she was with me in spirit and I handed the rings back to mum as soon as the ceremony was over!

Thursday 28 - Pink
Normally I would see pink flowers and other prompts for pink and was trying to think of something a little different when I spotted this very pink car in Mascot. girlie much?!
Friday 29 - Starts with S
I managed to do two pictures for today's prompt and not one for Sundays Ha Ha Ha, which is quite ironic because that is exactly what I did when I realised I had put up two Starts with S pictures (hahaha).
This time of the year it is cold and Vivid starts. great time to catch up with friends near the heaters at the Opera bar and take in the pretty sights over a vino or three.  I love the Sydney Harbour bridge (as I have used it for a few other prompts) and thought it was time to use again for the Starts with S. then Saw the Standing man illuminated and took a snap of him, completely forgetting the other post I had done (maybe it was more than three wines I had drank). 
Saturday 30 - Over there
Volunteered tonight for the YWCA Black & White ball at Town hall. it was truly a gorgeous evening of dresses and suits with some famous faces in the room from Brian Brown, Rachel Ward, Simon Baker and Anna Bligh the CEO of YWCA and a few other VIPs.  There were over 45 tables of guests ready to raise money for a fabulous cause and I admired the setting many times over the course of the evening selling raffle tickets and helping raise near half a million dollars.  There is always something so glamorous about a chandelier and especially in the evenings theme of black & white.
Sunday 31 - Ha Ha Ha
See Friday 29th prompt....

9 June 2015

Weeks 19 - 21 catch up on #fmsphotoaday

Week 21

Monday 18 - Musical
Monday morning we headed to Hamilton Island, the most amazing place ever. We were greeted with this view and a gorgeous cockatoo singing us a beautiful musical tune. 

Tuesday 19 - My Mood
Feeling on top of the world after climbing passage peak. My mood was achievement and feeling motivated after a great climb up 250 odd steps - the reward is an awe-inspiring view of the Whitsundays from the highest vantage point. 

Wednesday 20 - Equal
Hard life #fmsphotoaday this week (not). After a full day out and about with swims we went for a late afternoon walk and the pool chairs were all in an even line, waiting for someone to enjoy them, to lie back, relax and just be.

Thursday 21 - In a drawer
Waiting for my morning coffee at the Whitsunday Apartments this morning was a relaxing affair as the barista takes at least 5mins to make each coffee (island time) and this morning I enjoyed watching them make the coffees ordered before me and filling up the beans with the gold coffee that was in the drawer. Smelt divine.

Friday 22  - Weather
A whole day On the Edge was today's theme. A full day sailing on the beautiful Whitsundays with gorgeous weather #bliss. The tour was sailing in the hot sun, snorkelling in the warm water of Chalkies beach and Whitehaven beach. So very grateful that when the weather is cold in Sydney, it is beautiful here.

Saturday 23 - Good Times
Keeping with the Hamilton Island theme today. good times, laughter and relaxing walks with my husband has truly been the best this week. We have had good times on jetski, catamaran, drinking cocktails watching the sun go down and just being together without the normal daily routine. Good times.

Sunday 24 - Rule of thirds 

The gorgeous Botany Bay National Park near Little Bay/Chifley was my location for today's prompt. As I wandered around the foreshore after grabbing a coffee this chilly Sunday, I pondered what i could capture in my rule of thirds shot and as soon as I saw this sandstone structure I just knew it was perfect. 19th century Customs house, called Macquarie Watchtower at Le Perouse.

Week 20

Monday 11 - Upside down

Was a cold day today in Sydney town and I was trying to think of something I could for today's prompt but upside down.  I thought how night it would be to be lying on a warm beach in Koh Samui right now, and this is the picture but upside down of exactly that. The beach from our honeymoon April 2014.

Tuesday 12 - Eyes
They say to work on your best feature and I do know I have extremely blue eyes. So this prompt I remembered the photo-shoot I had done with this shot capturing my eyes. gorgeous hey.  To date this was one of my favourite things accomplished in life, doing a photo-shoot and being totally comfortable in my own skin. 

Wednesday 13 - Hands
Nothing beats a night out at the Comedy Festival in the middle of the working week to make you smile, laugh until you cry. Thanks to Parkroyal Hotels I was invitee to attend Frocking Hilarious at the Enmore Theatre and watch some amazing comedians take to the stage to raise money for a great cause. Legends such as Denise Scott, Gretel Kellen and Em Rusianco - ActionAid  giving a new meaning to stand-up by having renowned female comedians stand up against gender inequality.  Hands were so sore from clapping at these amazing women.

Thursday 14 - Heart
I love when prompts just jump out at you, especially when they are chocolate love hearts you find when getting your morning cup of caffeine. Needless to say I thought "awww these are so cute, I will get one for me and one for Drew". I ate both hearts #scrumptious

Friday 15 - I found this
Love meeting friends for breakfast before work.  A good chat over a coffee and some delicious food is a great way to start the day, especially on a Friday after a loong week. I found this coffee to be the best I have had for a while. Thanks to York Lane bar - for your down to earthiness, fresh food and fucking divine coffee. 

Saturday 16 - Clean
I do love a clean house. But that is a boring picture right and makes people feel like shite if they haven't had a clean house moment. So instead I have clean & pretty nails after a relaxing morning at the nail salon in Mascot getting my coffee fix whilst getting some much needed pampering after a long late night.

Sunday 17 - Home
I am not sure what happens in your place, but our fur child Tiggy thinks he is a dog most days. He needs to check out everything we have and taste most of the food we eat. His favourite is ice-cream but also loves cream, vegemite, hummus.... not sure they are good for him but he does enjoy licking his chops for a few minutes after tasting our food. only at home casa d&d.

Week 19 

Monday 4 - Today I Saw
Monday mornings need coffee & today i saw my local coffee peeps at Espresso Republica for friendly conversation and amazing coffee. That is how Monday's should start.

Tuesday 5 - Red
Red cross do such amazing work and I am proud to say i have always helped them out with either donations of my A- blood or cash and was excited to see the ladies and cute doggies representing the Red cross at ANZAC Day March in Hobart.

Wednesday 6 - 10 o'clock
A picture of my husband of 371 days at 10:00am enjoying a chocolate thick-shake at Cafe Morso on Jones Bay Wharf.  The best thick-shakes in Sydney and the most amazing bacon & egg gnocci. You must try this place.

Thursday 7 - Key
The key is having many spare copies of the main door key cut for our new office building at work to ensure that when everyone loses their swipe cards, some of us can actually access the office.

Friday 8 - Four Things
Four tins of delightful Dilmah tea delivered today from my wonferful contact Nadia from Parkroyal hotel. 

Saturday 9 - Peaceful
Peaceful area at St Johns near RPA. Gorgeous place to reflect on life & all the positive things to be grateful for in the sunshine.

Sunday 10 - Playground
Amazing backdrop to watch Coogee United play on the shitty ground/pitch. Tough game but five goals were kicked in 12mins. Happy playground this mother's day.

6 June 2015


*The number 6 vibrates to the energies of ownership, possessions and material wealth, love of home and family, care of others and nurturing, empathy and sympathy, responsibility and selflessness, provision and providing for the self and others.  Number 6 signifies the need for stability in all aspects of your life.  

Angel Number 6 is a message from the angels to keep a balance between your material goals and aspirations, and your spiritual, inner-self.  Be gratefulfor what you have already, as an ‘attitude of gratitude’ encourages further positive abundance.

When the Angel Number 6 appears repeatedly it tells of the ability to use the intellect to bring about positive outcomes in your life.  Be open to angelic signs and signals, maintain apositive attitude, and trust that opportunities will present themselves that will allow you to meet your material and financial needs. Trust that all will be provided for as you take care of and serve yourself and others, and live your Divine life purpose and soul mission.

Angel Number 6 encourages you to be loving, caring and nurturing of yourself and others.*

Today, the 6th means so much more than it did six months ago. I am a big believer in numbers and know they all have different meanings in the spiritual realm. For me numbers are messages and i have to admit the messages/numbers in the last six months have confused me to some extent. Once they used to provide me with some clarity & comfort in certain situations. But as things in life change,  new (and stronger) numbers are appearing and I am only just realising this now (from reading the blurb above again).

6th June is the 14th anniversary of my Nanna's passing, the birth of a son, Luke for my uncles ex partner, who is always will be a member of the family, born on the 6.06.06 & 6 months ago today, on my Pop's birthday I found out I was pregnant with my first child. My first scan was scheduled for the 28th January, my nanna's birthday and then on the 24th February, two days before my dads birthday, I had the procedure that ended my first pregnancy after having a missed miscarriage.

I found it quite comforting to get the positive result on Pop's birthday. To have the scan scheduled on Nannas birthday i felt so content. It was like they were delivering the good news to me.  The hardest thing about trying to move forward after losing a baby is those timeline dates that are in your mind from the moment you find out you are expecting - one for me that stood out was on the 6th June i would be six months pregnant  - how amazing to have that milestone on the anniversary of my nanna, still so connected to family. So today i am thinking of nanna as i do often throughout the year and especially today & wonder if poppyseed is with her & ironically with my Poppy. I feel a little empty and lost today and trying so hard to focus on all the amazing positives in my life. ♡ also remembering those who aren't physically here with me.

*Angel Blurb from http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/angel-number-6.html?m=1