22 October 2015

Some days are harder than others...

Listening to the rain outside makes me feel a little calm & asleep to my left is my gorgeous husband and to my right is ginger puss Tiggy - the two most amazing things in my life so close.

Today I am feeling flat, distant, emotional and I feel like I have lost myself and i dont know where i am at the present moment. I feel so alone but have so much love around me. I am feeling so many emotions and my heart is broken. I am thinking of my angels and cannot believe it is nearly November. Last week should of been baby bob/MJ's 20 week scan. A date etched in my mind as it was around my parents wedding anniversary., well a week or so before but somehow a date that has stayed in my mind. Funnily enough we have our second specialist appointment on my parents wedding anniversary.

I have had dreams of my angels this past week and that has made me feel at ease. Things are tough and I am making my way out of the fog.

I am taking the time i need but sometimes feel that i am not coping and i know things will ease soon. People keep telling me all will be ok and somedays i believe that but today i just felt so sad and empty.

I have so much love and energy to give and feel stuck somehow.

I am so grateful for amazing friends and my husband being so truly amazing 😊