26 April 2015

Week 15 #fmsphotoaday

6  Shape
Easter Sunday was Elissa's 3rd Birthday - our gorgeous little niece.  She was super spoilt by Uncle Drew & Aunty Donna receiving her square wrapped present she was super excited to see what was inside and was very happy withe TMNJ tent.  

7 Beauty
Flashback to travelling to the Great Ocean Road this year, which is just truly mother nature showing of her beauty.  Gorgeous and beautiful creations carved out by the energy of the planet and tides.  

8 Breakfast
I just luurve blueberries!  I don't remember the first time I ate fresh ones but I know it wasn't until in my late twenties, maybe even in London or Europe.  They were never available where I grew up and only were in tins or pre-made muffins etc.  I love them. I eat them out of the container, with almonds or on cereal, in yoghurt, with chocolate!!  I always get value for money as i eat the entire punnet in two days!

9 Inspired
Heading out to my osteo appt on the 9th April I had to duck into Westfield's nearby at Bondi Junction to purchase a thank you present for a colleague at work.  I was looking for a great coffee table book on architecture or room design.  I found many a cookbook and this inspiring row of chefs with cooking books.  I am super inspired to cook many different recipes in the next couple months.  Will share soon (starting below).

10 Dark
Dark night and a gorgeous candle glowing in the kitchen.  Sometimes it is just nice to have no light on and relax in the surroundings of candle light. Nameste.

11 This smells so good
Red Thai Sweet Potato soup made in the slow cooker. Divine.  So Easy.  Simple ingredients and tastes truly amazing, it is our favourite!!  I just fry some red thai paste in the slow cooker (on sauté) then add coconut milk (440mls) and boil for 8mins or so and then add 1kg chopped up sweet potato and 1L chicken stock. Put lid on an let it do its thing for two hours. Yum yum in my tum.  I put into a bowl and use the stick blender to get it a good consistency and dish up, freeze some and serve with some dinner rolls fresh from the oven or crusty bread. 

12 Something Green
Today was a great Sunday, the Coogee United boys were playing football in Maroubra and I managed to get a good 35min walk in before the game. Did a big loop of the oval and then onto Anzac parade and then stopped at a fruit and veg shop to get mandarins and just noticed all the delicious greens they had stocked.  Delicious, looked so healthy and great prices.  

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