29 September 2014

Mrs Wigleys Rose to Robbie Williams...........

What seemed to be a quiet weekend turned into one of those busy weekends, well busy on my liver! 
Friday night I organised another fabulous wine & cheese tasting event at work, this time South Australia was our region and I frantically ran around (called Kemeny's, ask for Andrew, he is amazing with his knowledge of all things wine) to get appropriate region wine and beer delivered to the office.  My favourite was a Rose crush of mine Mrs Wigley's Grenache Rose - perfect for this time of year (or anytime really).

David Jones Food Hall - seriously everyone loves it there (I mean there is food there from all around the world), just a pity that the service is just so slow. Took me 12hrs to find out what cheeses were from South Australia, lucky I had already researched and had a list of products. Needless to say the event went off without a hitch, lots of tasting, drinking and the boys were super happy with Coopers Pale ale. Success.

Saturday I had a party for my cat. Yes indeedy! I have turned into that lady. My domestic short hair kitty, aka Tiggy turns two officially today, so I thought champers and cake were in order with some friends to celebrate my fur baby surviving with us for two years.  He seemed to have a great time with the streamers and ended up outside most of the day, though, he did pop in to bring us all a lovely lizard that he caught for us!  The little tail-less lizard managed to escape to the horror, under my guests handbags..... all class Tiggy, all class.

After a few too many drinky-poos on Friday and Saturday I decided Sunday was a day to get a big swim in and then food shopping to be prepared for the week.  I had completed both (with a new handbag ready for my Melbourne trip this weekend with hubby) and was lazing on the couch with a nice cofffeee from my George Clooney machine when I got a text from Bec (whose handbag Tiggy's lizard has escaped too) saying a friend couldn't make Robbie's concert and would I like to go..


I lurve that man! So it was YES please and thank you! I dragged my chlorine doused hair into the shower and got presentable for the most charming, sexy and cheeky man ever - Mr Robbie P Williams (ahem after my husband of course., but have loved Robbie since we were both 19)!
Boy the show was spectacular, he brought it all - Swings both ways!  Was swooning for entire duration. Lurvely way to end a fabulous weekend.  Thank you Robbie for entertaining me.

16 September 2014

Finally got to climb Mt Fuji!

Last night I conquered the gruelling 1255m up Mt Fuji – 45min from the base ascending up to the 5th climbing station that has left me still feeling zapped today.  The sun was shining and the sides of the road were covered in snow.  Traffic was light and only a few cars passed us on the ride.
Scenic Cycle at Aurora Place is the most amazing little cycle studio.  They have a special on at the moment that you get two rides for $20! Pretty good value for money I say and a great opportunity to try out the studio. The journey is pretty mind blowing and the visual screen making you feel like you are indeed riding outdoors in some amazing part of the world.  A great way to escape I say. 
Haven’t done a proper spin/cycle class for a while now as the classes at my gym aren’t as good as the yoga or dance classes and I have been very spoilt with great RPM instructors over the years.  A good friend of mine had been going and her Facebook status updates about certain climbs left me wanting to travel also.
The little set up they have is all you need, friendly staff on reception and fun but hardworking instructors, there is no attitude or competitiveness (except with yourself) and it is the little touches that make you feel welcome and enjoy the class and environment.  They provide lockers (you take the key, none of this bring you own key malarkey) you are given a little white towel and they have a couple of candles burning at the front of the room that are placed in front of a couple people during the ride.  This really made me feel like I had truly escaped, got my sweat on and also able to relax and enjoy the ride without worrying about the fact that my heart and lungs were about to fall onto the floor (next to Anita’s who poor love was recovering from the flu and her lungs also were on the ground in front)!  Walking out to fresh fruit was divine also, great way to recover after the ride which saw my heart rate staying between 70 – 85% for most of the 45mins!  Hello fitness and fat burn, a whopping 450 calories burnt also. Hello SUMMER!
Looking forward to Samoa tomorrow, even thought would prefer bathers to swim in the gorgeous water than cycle around Salani!

1 September 2014

Spring is in the air!

September - hello lover! How I love thee warm mornings .... after the last few weeks of rain and lugging around jackets and umbrellas, it was truly lovely to not wear boots and just wear a light cardie to work this fine first day of Spring. 
I don't do cold, I hate the cold/wet! It is fine now and then to laze about under a blanket in front of the heater with a glass of red but predominately I love the sun, surf and g&t's!  I love the warmth of the sun and swimming in our gorgeous pools and oceans.
But summer is a little while away yet... so patience must be had!  Besides the summer body is SO far from being revealed (where did my tan go?)!
So many fun things happening this month:-
FMS Photo-a-day (PAD) Challenge
If you have been living under a rock you would of missed this fabulous creative challenge that brings so many people together who all take the days word/prompt and capture a picture they feel resonates with this word.  You can join the group on Facebook and/or Instagram #FMSphotaday #fatmumslim
Here is a little sneak peak of some of my August challenge piccies from my Instagram account.
Looking forward to the September challenge - the daily prompts have been created by the FMS community!  Excited and really hope that one of my pictures gets chosen for Fab Four (designers choose the four pictures for the prompts).  That is my mission. Time to think outside the box a little more with the daily prompts and be a little extra creative. 
Using my Samsung 5.
To raise awareness and funds for Cerebral Palsy get on board the 28 day walking challenge this month.
Create your own team or sponsor someone who is completing the challenge (aka me, Donna Jones, dons-steppers).  There you go, your good dead for the month is done.
Starts Wednesday, 28 days and minimum 10,000 steps a day!  All for a great cause and I get to explore different walking paths home and to work (will come in handy for my photo-a-day challenge!  A little bit of extra exercise never hurt anyone.
Getting back off the sugar wagon, little bits of sugar have made the crossing through my gob and into my body and I am not liking it!  I have been pretty good with reducing the white stuff (lolly jars at work DO talk to me)! Since making protein balls and homemade chocolates I have enjoyed creating some delicious masterpieces thanks to social media sites!! I really need to start creating fresh sorbet and frozen banana ice cream (hello lover)!
Ice-cream recipe from the Fabulous Natalie Carter Talks Fitness: http://www.nataliecartertalksfitness.com/2014/03/banana-avocado-dairy-free-ice-cream.html
Spring Cleaning
That time of year again to go through stuff, clear it out, drop off at the Salvo's and go through all the paperwork (financials, tax, superannuation, name changes on rest of bills etc) will be a fun job!  Was on my last to do list.... seems to have been forgotten about, so not a sexy job!
Body & mind
Visited a new physio this morning to get me cracking with all my body imbalances (more hot dates with the foam roller and shoulder stabilisation exercises) and excited at challenging myself both physically and mentally with some extra yoga classes!  The exciting thing about the warmer months means there is no football and I get to spend Sundays with my husband doing fun things like beach walks, indoor rock climbing and finally checking out the trampolining place near our house! Wheeeeeee!