16 August 2013

How am I feeling after 54 days OFF sugar.....

Something I wanted to share with you today is how I am feeling, am 54 days into my sugar free journey and I am feeling great, have dropped some more weight on the scales and measurements slowly coming off too!  I am enjoying being sugar free. I love that my taste buds have changed and my mentality also.  I see chocolate, or lollies and I don’t want them (our lolly jar at work must be SO full).

The thing I noticed this week is that I am having NO PMS symptoms. NO irritability, no mood swings, no cravings for sweet things at all.  I used to get emotional, angry and blergh the week before I was due and last month I was still a bit emotional but not as much, this week, feeling good, not bloated or anything – amazing how your body can change in such a short time.

I attempted my first batch of no sugar muffins last night using almond meal, berries and olive oil – with cream cheese icing.  Used Stevia and half the amount it suggested, tastes amazing, so tasty and no sugar spikes/insulin spikes at all, the cream cheese icing had stevia, butter and Philly full fat cream cheese with some freshly grated lemon rind. SCRUMPTIOUS. Even the boy enjoyed these muffins….and he is a sweet tooth. It tasted full, full of nutrients, good fats and wholesome.
Who says they have to look pretty? They look pretty damn good to me! mmm

Alongside the homemade chocolate also in my fridge I have lots of delicious yummies if I feel like something a little of the normal eating plan with my cuppa in the next week or so.

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