20 August 2013

Three weeks into challenge, photo time....

Am very happy with this progress.  The main reason is I haven't been starving or restricting myself or eating salads for the past three weeks.  I have been experimenting with healthy options and eating more fat than the normal plans allow, because I felt that was helping my body more than starving it with like 1200 calories.  I have been a little relaxed with wine and cheese intake (even though it has reduced lots) and am enjoying meals out with friends and making smart choices but not eating just a salad. 

I have always known to drop body fat and build muscle I need more than 1200 calories a day, I am 6ft tall with at least 56-58kgs muscle to maintain plus my body systems that need to function efficiently daily (you know heart, lungs, central nervous system) this all needs WAY more than 1200 calories to function efficiently and fire on all cylinders let alone drop fat and build muscle. 

I am listening to what my body wants and not having negativity in my head about food, no more "what should I eat, when?". My mentality is my body needs fuel. So I fuel my body with nourishing foods. No sugars, no over processed crap and make smart choices that I am happy with.  I am loving my oats in a jar and looking forward to making my own almond milk this weekend. Filling up during the day on nuts, protein and full fat dairy is keeping me from having cravings. I am enjoying cooking healthy foods, loving my green smoothies I have 4-6 days a week instead of downing a multivitamin. Trying to ingest all my nutrients through food.

Enjoying following my own rules and being happy with my decisions most days is working well.  Time to step it up a notch. Watch this space.

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