5 August 2013

Day 43 no sugar, eating clean, training mean, being prepared... NO EXCUSES!

FINALLY got up early this morning and trained.... YES. Partly because I had made a very public commitment to stick to my guns and train when I scheduled training, no excuses.  The non-reward for not sticking to my training plan, NO social media for ALL of September.

So Day 43 no sugar. I don't miss it. I don't want it. Not really fussed for any sweet lollies or chocolate. Nope, nada. Love it.  Yes we all know that I had small piece of chocolate mousse cake and enjoyed it but quite frankly I really don't miss the soft drink, the lollies, cadbury. So so good. So a week until I hit my own 50days mark.  Then 7 days until the official 50day mark.. Love that I started early.

This mornings session was a small but KICK ASS session. Weights circuit with some rower sprints thrown in at the end. Sweaty mess I was.  That is worth getting out of bed for.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon cooking up a storm!  After a very stressful shopping trip to Eastgardens at 3pm on a Sunday when everyone who has kids is shopping, together.. Ugh.  I managed to not knock anyone down... anyhoo I got all the food I needed to do a big PREP cook up. Spag bog for dinners, then for snacks and lunches: egg & bacon muffins as you can see below, turkey meatloaf, cauliflower rice, protein balls, oats in a jar (below) for the odd breakfast.. so good being organised.

Just love having fresh ingredients to prepare food with... makes eating clean SO much easier when fresh food is so easily available. Was so excited to get up and train this morning to start the day with a good workout and then fuel the body with wholesome foods.  Bring on the rest of the week.  Lots of work to be done, just going day at a time. 


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