2 August 2013

The Don's Friday brain farts.......

It has been one of those weeks! Why on earth do we say that ALL THE TIME.  It is always going to be one of those weeks... slaps forehead.

My brain functions on crazy level most days, so I thought I would share with you some of the craziness that is bursting from my head, in no random order!

* Grumpy cat is freakin hilarious!  His mamma should be real proud for teaching him to do selfies & post them on Facebook.

* Life is so short people, life is to be lived, quit your whinging (random people overheard this week), vent that shite and move on.

* Sydney is fecking crazy, everyone just thinks they are the only ones walking on the pavement, or across the road - try this people, look around you from time to time and GET OFF YOUR PHONES!  For those who know me know I am a social media whore, BUT, even I don't walk with my phone all the fecking time or walk across streets typing a text that can wait five seconds, I wait until I get to the bus stop like SEMI NORMAL people & then sit on the bus ALL the way home on my whore apps.

* St Andrew's Cathedral is truly gorgeous.  Especially with all the barren trees.  Just a pleasure to walk past everyday.

* Eat something every now and then that you WANT! Just don't do it all the time and move your body, simple.

* Wine is a food group. So is cheese.

* Mason Jars are so cool need to get me some STAT

* Buy someone a little low-cost,thoughtful gift on your way home tonight to make them smile, could be yourself you buy it for, your friend, your partner, your cat... always makes you feel warm and gooey. 

* Pug dogs are just super cute, wish they could talk like in Men in Black....

* Laugh, often at yourself even. You are hilarious.

* I love that I am slightly mad off centre, because that means I am just ME, who wants to copy someone else, yawn!

* Do the shite that makes you happy and that you want to do.

* Buy that dress!

* Coffee rocks

* Stop being so god dam fussy, just meet that person for a drink that you met on Friday night, what do you have to loose?

* Wonders if ET actually made it home?

* Drugs in sport is effing annoying, wish the media would stop going on and on and on and on about it! Just give us sport!

* Channel 10 should do a version of Big Brother in PNG with our politicians.....   haha now THAT I would watch. Give them minimal rations, you know like the people in PNG actually have.

* Call that friend you have been meaning to and go for a coffee/drink.

* You are awesome, talented, beautiful, sexy and powerful, never doubt that, get out there and smash your fears!


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