19 August 2013

Tomorrow is the END of NO Sugar!


It commenced on the 1 July (I commenced a week earlier) so it will really have been 58days sugar free tomorrow for me, well 56 days sugar free as I did have two big blowouts.  But I see that as a learning curve and honestly can say I am enjoying being sugar free and good timing I just got my I Quit Sugar recipe book by Sarah Wilson in the post after attending a talk a couple weeks ago at Flow Athletica in Paddington.

So even though it is technically the end of NO sugar, I won't be rushing out to buy my body weight in lollies or chocolate because I don't feel like I have to make up for that time, I feel like I have totally changed the way I think about sugar, food and fructose.  It has truly made me reduce processed foods to a minimum.  I don't crave anything really anymore, I fancy a chai latte or I fancy the cinnamon on top really.  I enjoy making fructose free chocolate, muffins and now that I have my new cookbook I am excited to make lots of yummy recipes.  Obviously some of them will be a "sometimes" food as I am still on my muscle up challenge to ditch the wobbly bits and turn my triceps upside down.

So no more counting down the days and hopefully no more blowouts, the fact that I am NOT craving sugar is a great thing, my body is feeling the benefits and I am feeling so full of energy. I feel my immune system and my kidneys are thanking me for NOT poisoning them with high levels of fructose daily, our bodies can only really tolerate 6-9 teaspoons a day (2-3 come from fruit).  Read the post on Sarah Wilson's blog she explains it perfectly. 

All I can say is give it a crack, you will surprise the hell out of yourself. Especially if you are someone who eats processed cereals, low fat milks/dairy and loves chocolate and lollies/cakes/sweeties/soft drinks.  You will think you CAN'T but that is all in your mind, what you think you believe.

I tried the best cheesecake yesterday at Coogee after doing a nice beach walk from Maroubra, 8km return walk with lots of stepping stones on the rocks along the beach, stairs, so bringing on my summer butt and legs (bikini here I come) and decided to have a latte and cheesecake. Was scrumptious.  The base was macadamias mixed with coconut butter and the filling was coconut cream and berries and so so so goooood. So healthy. Give that to me any day over those sweet nothing tasting cheesecakes from Sara Lee. 

Taste buds and habits can change. Just trust yourself and realise that you will never be PERFECT, just making the better choices for you, your body, your mind and your family. Go on, give it a crack.

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