12 August 2013

50days without sugar today!!

Amazing how quickly the time goes! So how am I feeling? Fantastic.

The one thing I can say about this challenge was I found it quite easy as I was in a great place mentally.  Yes there were small hiccups along the way & two blow-outs, but the things that I have learnt from this challenge are:-
* I can achieve anything I set out too
* fructose is evil
* the body dosen't know how to process  fructose
* fruit is still my friend - just not a lot of high fructose ones all the time
* healthy fats are my friend
* there will always be haters, don't spend your time explaining anything to them
* i don't miss anything really except dark chocolate & I wont lose sleep over having some from time to time & I am loving experimenting making my own sugar free treats
* I am on this no sugar caper indefnitely
* I probably eat sugar (fructose) free 95-98% of the time apart from fruit/breads etc

My two blow-outs were a delicious chocolate mousse cake that was so rich & full of cream - it was ok on my tummy, no real sugar high's or lows thanks to the full cream content.  The two sparkle cupcakes on the other hand made me very sick, nautious, shakes, cramps & a hungover feeling the next day.  That is enough for me to know it is bad, bad, bad!!

I love fresh tasty foods & processed sugary foods I don't care for or miss. Bring on the next 59, 60, 70 days with low to no fructose!!

The official #50  days sugar free finishes on 20 August (started 1 July) you can start anytime!!  Check out these two fabulous people who have & will continue to inspire me & motivate me:

Sarah Wilson

Nat Carter - New Outlook Fitness & 50 Days no sugar

Over and out.

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