14 August 2013

Hot Hatha Yoga

Hot hatha yoga alternates between vigorous, gentle yoga postures and appropriate vinyasa to further refine the circulation of the life force.

Have seen Hot Hatha Yoga on the timetable at Hard Candy and have never managed to get to a class, until today.  It was lovely, relaxing and not TOO hot.  I am a big believer of overheating the body is a bad thing - but was relieved to know the room is only heated to 37 degrees.

It was so lovely, felt like it was not a winter's day outside.

I tend to overheat quite quickly and I found it very pleasant, got a nice sweat on (I sweat like a pig, seriously) and we did lots of gentle yoga poses to stretch and lengthen the muscles. Having done many Body Balance classes and the odd yoga class here and there it wasn't too hard and the instructor, Michelle, was inspiring with her calmly spoken guiding words, advising us to do what we felt we needed, that is just perfect for the kind of class, soft, gentle and at your own pace.  It was about stretching, connection and being at one today with my body & mind.  I had already completed a heavy weights session this morning, so my body & mind welcomed this with ease.

Loved that it was a slower pace today, with no handstands, but a couple of lovely backbends... Namaste.


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