25 June 2015

Don't mess with me Thursday!!

As I sit here on hold for TOLL to explain to me where my missing parcel is I start to wonder about processes these companies have and how they can be such large companies but still lack a few little simple tools to make life MUCH easier for all parties.  Firstly getting me to enter my consignment number on the phone does not actually DO anything as they then ask for it again and enter it into the computer, so why ask for it in the first place if it doesn't do anything? Then they put you through to a different area and the person has NO idea what your query is and you have to go through the entire story again (trying to put on my nice patient voice).  All for a courier delivery service that truly should be simple, you ring the bell, no-one answers, you put a delivery card in the box so the purchaser (me) knows that they tried to deliver the item.

It seems that the delivery people had a box ticked saying it was ok to leave without a signature, I didn't approve that, did the retailer just assume I would be home? So either my package was delivered outside for the world to walk by and just take it or put INSIDE if someone was so kind to let the driver in the door, to date no-one has knocked on my door to say, "i believe this parcel is yours"!.
Now don't get me wrong the people I have spoken to have all been lovely and very helpful but I just find that such a simple process gone wrong costs me time and my purchases (okay,  so I shouldn't of ordered all the amazing specials online, but seriously when else would you get five items for $110)!! Yes, Katie's had a huge sale and because I am now IN my forties I like Katie's, they have either totally revamped their style since last I went in there with Aunties shopping 20 years ago or I am now indeed at THAT age where comfort is sometimes a little more important than a small size fitting you. Ahem.  It has been a week and they have no idea what happened to it because they cannot find which driver was on that day. handy.
So.... hopefully will get a call tomorrow to find out exactly what Mr Driver did with my goodie parcel. I want my goodies! There is a cute quilted puffer jacket/vest i want to wear this weekend. I mean how cute is it........ 

Watch this space. Rant over.

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