12 June 2015

Week 22 #fmsphotoaday

Monday 25 - Lucky
Still capturing the Hamilton Island vibe for the Monday this week - can you tell I just loved the place. Being in the sunshine when I knew Sydney was cold felt good.  So lucky to be able to live in a country that has such divine places to explore. So lucky to be able to afford a nice break with my husband who I am so very lucky to have in my life.

Tuesday 26 - Daily Ritual
Watching Masterchef with a nice cuppa tea is a great daily ritual for Tuesdays - I enjoy relaxing and just enjoying people cooking up a storm.
Wednesday 27 - Borrowed
I went back to the archives for this one as the first thing that came to mind was borrowing my Nanna's wedding and engagement band for our wedding in April 2014.  Had this in a little mesh bag pinned to my dress and was nice to know that a little part of my Nanna's wedding day became a part of mine.  I know she was with me in spirit and I handed the rings back to mum as soon as the ceremony was over!

Thursday 28 - Pink
Normally I would see pink flowers and other prompts for pink and was trying to think of something a little different when I spotted this very pink car in Mascot. girlie much?!
Friday 29 - Starts with S
I managed to do two pictures for today's prompt and not one for Sundays Ha Ha Ha, which is quite ironic because that is exactly what I did when I realised I had put up two Starts with S pictures (hahaha).
This time of the year it is cold and Vivid starts. great time to catch up with friends near the heaters at the Opera bar and take in the pretty sights over a vino or three.  I love the Sydney Harbour bridge (as I have used it for a few other prompts) and thought it was time to use again for the Starts with S. then Saw the Standing man illuminated and took a snap of him, completely forgetting the other post I had done (maybe it was more than three wines I had drank). 
Saturday 30 - Over there
Volunteered tonight for the YWCA Black & White ball at Town hall. it was truly a gorgeous evening of dresses and suits with some famous faces in the room from Brian Brown, Rachel Ward, Simon Baker and Anna Bligh the CEO of YWCA and a few other VIPs.  There were over 45 tables of guests ready to raise money for a fabulous cause and I admired the setting many times over the course of the evening selling raffle tickets and helping raise near half a million dollars.  There is always something so glamorous about a chandelier and especially in the evenings theme of black & white.
Sunday 31 - Ha Ha Ha
See Friday 29th prompt....

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