31 July 2017

So many dresses!!!

Currently renting an old house in the Inner West of Sydney and dealing with a typical old house problem - mould. After sorting out the process with the landlord/real estate, we are now going through the treatment phase. This means making sure there is no mould on items before the treatment commences.

We have lost a few items to mould and yesterday I decided to finally go through the side of my wardrobe that I am not currently wearing - this is due to weather being winter, but mainly because they don't fit me anymore.

I have some amazing dresses from halter necks, maxi dresses, saba shifts and a few LBD's that are just sitting there, wanting to be worn and shown off. I could wear them in winter too with tights and a jacket. I have some truly stunning summer dresses from Frocked, formal dresses bought in the UK, Cue dresses brought that I wore to the Michelle Bridges end of challenge parties in 2010 (I did two rounds). I was pulling out these mould free dresses and just getting more and more excited about my fitmamma challenge starting today and expanding the clothes I will be able.to wear again. I have "started" many times in the last few months, but haven't been 100% committed, really just going through the process because I thought that is what I wanted to do, but wasn't ready.

Until now, see my previous post here. I have had the switch finally flick on and am super pumped, excited and confident.
Today is day one of cleanse  (green smoothie shot below  courtesy of my good friend Kobe). Reducing dairy, caffeine and eating clean and healthy. Eliminate all over processed and junk foods.
Back into the LBD like in the photo below, the evening before my wedding in 2014!!

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