17 September 2013

Power of positive thoughts and affirmations.....

You are what you think and believe. Power of positive thought is a truly strong and powerful tool.  If you walk around everyday thinking poor me, why can I not have this or that, well you are going to miss out on lots of fabulous things in life. 

Our actions speak MUCH much louder than words.  You need to visualise, feel and believe in what you are doing daily to feel that sense of achievement, tapping into positive affirmation that today will be okay.  No matter what hiccups occur during the day just know that life is full of things that might make you frown, there will be times where your patience will be tested and your mood will go from happy to sad, frustrated, angry or depressed.  This is normal. I do not believe you can be 100% happy every hour of everyday, it is learning how to ride the emotions and focus on the more positive things happening around you that will help you feel a sense of balance.  If you focus on the bad, they won't magically go away or get better, if you dwell on the bad constantly you will feel like everything is starting to crumble around you and this is a recipe for disaster. Take the items that are stressing you out and think "can I do anything about this RIGHT now to make this better"?  If the answer is no then dwelling on it surely won't help your outlook on it either.  What steps can you make to get the issue into a more positive outlook, planning is key whether is be issues at work, money, relationships etc. Active thoughts, steps and actions will help you understand a solution when it appears.  What you put out to the universe will return ten-fold.

Do you take the time to appreciate your surroundings?  Appreciate the beauty that surrounds you everyday whilst you walk to work or around your local area where you live?  Do you notice the people you pass everyday, do you notice how someone smiles back if you are walking around with a happy disposition?

I love getting off the bus near Hyde Park everyday and seeing the tall trees and how the sunlight falls on them and the green grass or walking past my favourite church in the city.... smiling at the lady dancing in the bird suit advertising cheap parking or the man who sells the Big Issue near work who always says good morning.  Those things put a spring in my step make me feel good and give me that sense of "life is pretty good".  Yes I have a busy job some days and am planning a wedding, trying to save to buy a house and have some things that sometimes do cause my brow to crease, but I choose to enjoy the happy things around me, because when I do that my other problems seem to be not so bad, my brain starts to function in a better capacity punching out solutions.  I love the release of endorphins from feeling happy, from exercise, eating healthy and even from spending time with the ones I love, surrounding myself with people who are similar to me and have similar hopes, dreams and passions.  This helps fuel the creative fire, expands the thought process and allows me to think outside the square, because that is where the action happens.

I choose to be happy everyday. To smile, to laugh, to spend time with people that I care about and not worry about those who waste my time/who cause negative situations.  Like attracts like.  At least once a day I ask myself, "what am I grateful for today?".   Always see the good in people, spend time with those who you care for, make time for others.  Life is too short to worry or to expect things to just happen, you need to get out there and fill your happy memory bank with fabulousness.

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