29 October 2013

Eating FAT!

I put a post on Facebook asking "margarine or butter", it seems I hang around pretty switched on people, or are friends with online smarties ... being smart that we know (and have known for a wee while) that saturated fat is good for us, butter is way better than margarine because it is a natural product. 

For years we have been told to reduce saturated fat to control or lower cholesterol and for years I have been thinking surely it is processed food related (after reading numerous blogs on paleo, listening to podcasts from scientists, doctors around the world).  And starting to see a pattern of what is actually healthy nutrition for us (no processed foods, sugars) good fats are well good. 

For years I didn't want to further my nutritional studies to become a dietician/nutritionist because I don't believe in the Dietary Guidelines and  I am a big believer of practice what you preach.  I don't believe we need 5-6 servings of carbohydrates a day and little fats.  Not a fad diet, it is a lifestyle.

The Dietary Guidelines need to be changed, the information they were based on are now proven to not be correct and studies have shown that fats are good for you, and we seem to be so afraid of them when actually they could help us with our obesity epidemic.  We are fatter than ever before, we have food allergies like nothing else and that is because we believe the Dietary Guidelines or eat food that is not natural for the body (processed foods, white flour, fructose).  We eat more of it because it is everywhere we look, advertisements, supermarkets.

I would like to share the links that will provide you with all the information you need to read more about this subject and for you to come to your own conclusions. 

She says it like it is. Love her work, dedication.




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