6 September 2016

Spring is here & a smoothie recipe to try!

If the sneezing hasn't alerted you, spring is here!  I do love this time of the year, when you don't feel the chill in the air most mornings/evenings and the sun feels so nice and warm, but not too hot on your skin. You can sleep with a window open a little and you may even think about swapping the duvet or your wardrobe over to summer attire (that might be getting a little ahead of myself), it is only day SIX! 

The food we consume changes as the months get warmer, swapping stodgy warm comforting meals for more fresh fruits, salads, smoothies.  I feel like my body craves foods it hasn't eaten since last spring! My current craving is watermelon! I cannot get enough :) I have it with yoghurt, on it's own, in smoothies, delish!  So refreshing and the daily weather hasn't even gone about 22 degrees yet for more than a day at a time! 

I look forward to sharing some spring recipes I have been wanting to try and some other nutritious yummy healthy foods as the month gets warmer!

Normally I would be excited to exercise more outdoors and start planning all the fabulous walks/runs that Sydney has to offer during the warmer months, but with baby Jones due in 3 months time I am intrigued to see how the warmer weather treats my body & mind in the coming weeks.  I am excited the outdoor pools are now open so I can transfer my swimming from inside pools to the great feeling of an outdoor pool.  Ahhh. I have my maternity bathers at the ready!  Walking will be more an earlier task than later due to the warmer weather and carrying around a watermelon shaped tummy!

Looking forward to more beach walks and yoga classes outdoors as bump gets bigger and I ensure I keep my body moving to help with the arrival of Baby Jones. 

Here is a recipe that I am super keen to try - sounds delish!

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