25 January 2016

January #fmsphotoaday

Am enjoying the monthly #fmsphotoaday challenge for 2016 and thought I would visit some of the photos I have snapped so far in 2016. I chose to do the theme black & white to capture things a little differently to start the year.

Starting in Perth after a great break with the parents over Christmas and New Year I have enjoyed a quiet start to the new year with some touristy snaps around Sydney and enjoying the simple things in life. Nature is always a favourite to take a picture of and sharing it in black and white changes the feeling of the shot and it definitely makes me look at things in a different light.

Sometimes we take colour for granted and seeing a gorgeous flower change from colour to black & white dosen't change its beauty - just your interpretation.

Architecture and shots of people i always love seeing in black & white - can strengthen the shot and totally change the feel of the picture (not to mention hide any imperfections)!

Our eyes are trained to see colour, our brains are so used to seeing amazing photos on social media and snapping the daily prompt in black & white makes me stop to appreciate no6lt only the item in view, but how it will look in b&w? Should I make it look better with a filter? Sometimes we should just enjoy things as they are meant to be.

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