14 September 2015

Week 37 #fmsphotoday

Week 37 of my photo-a-day challenge is dedicated to my little poppyseed. Last week was Poppyseed's due date to come into the world but unfortunately wasn't his or her time and she is an angel with nanna & pop.
Being an challenging week emotionally I tried to get a little creative but decided what will be, will be.
7th Sunlight
Monday morning the sun was shining bright and I knew that it was going to be a glorious day as the sunshine makes me feel great, even on a Monday. I feel so grateful today for so many things.
8th Help
Help me to NOT eat these sugary delights. Am doing sugar free September and these lollies sitting in a reception area as I waited for an appt I swear could hear them speak to me! Strong I was and I didn't need any help to stop me scoffing them all!
9th I hear
Walking through Martin Place i love hearing the clock chime. It is always a moment I take to stop and feel grateful for being alive, happy & loved. So lucky to be living in a great city and having a great life even with all the unfairness,  death and destruction in the world.
10th I see
After the gym I walked back to work feeling so accomplished and healthier after my first gym session back after four months. I love QVB and decided to walk through. There were a couple young girls taking photos and I wondered what they could see. I have never seen this angle before. I never looked up. So bright and beautiful.
11th I taste
Waiting for a lunch date this coffee kept me company and tasted divine. So rich and creamy with a gorgeously divine coffee taste which made my taste buds sing and dance.
12th Opposite
They really have changed the feel of this area on Broadway from UTS ugly building to apartments with plants & greenery all over. Looks amazing. Opposite to the UTS building. Gorgeous change.
13th WOW
I am just in love with this bright gorgeously stunning printed clutch! A gorgeous gift from the lovely Saskia all the way from Burma. Truly a wow gift!! so thoughtful and stunning. WOW!

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