19 September 2015

Time to get inked.....

19th Sept

Drew and I have wanted to get tattoed together since we first met and today is the day we get inked. We are getting two tattoos that mean alot to us. We found each other and are looking forward to sharing this together with a d&d tattoo and another tattoo for our angels lost this year. Poppyseed in February and Bob/MJ in August.

Sitting waiting for Garth at Lighthouse to set up I felt so sick, excited and nervous - could I handle the pain? The losses we have experienced this year have been so painful that I promised myself that the next hour and a bit when it got ouchy that I would dedicate this ink to the man I love with all my heart, who has been there with ne through thick and thin and the two angel babies who didn't make it into the world. It just felt right.

So the ink is done and it certainly didn't tickle. Took just over an hour and only had a few moments where it was pinching like a motherf*cker. I didn't mind the process and was so excited to see the finished masterpiece and then watch Drew get his gorgeous feathers for the babies and our entwined D&D. 

What an amazing spiritual and meaningful experience to share together.

I have so much hope that soon we will need to book another appt for a tattoo to celebrate our mini Jones who will safely make it to us.

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