10 September 2015

R U Ok?

Sometimes asking someone if they are ok can be hard, especially if you aren't prepared for their answer.  R U Ok day is a great initiative to get people starting conversations with others and asking people if they are ok.  I think the day now has a stigma attached to it because many people are NOT ok and probably don't answer honestly if asked. 
Stop and think before you ask someone if they are ok today - are you asking in a way that makes you feel better for asking or are you REALLY prepared if they do indeed tell you that things are in fact not ok.  Do you have the right answers ready for any problems or issues they may be having?  Do you know where to direct them if you think they need further help and assistance?
If you are someone that is NOT ok today I urge you to talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling or do something that will make you feel a little better. You do have options and you can get help and there is nothing wrong with admitting you aren't feeling yourself.
I am having a rough day today and am meeting a friend for dumplings.  I know that will make me feel ok, I can have a little chat and then feel better for getting the worries off my chest. I still will feel not ok but that is fine and I will feel better for having put it out there.
Never think that you are burdening someone if they do ask you if you are ok. Maybe ask yourself if you are OK?  What would you honestly answer if someone asked?
Sometimes the conversations that you need to have are too big for friends to deal with.  You can always talk to them about contacting a helpline so you have some support.

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