25 September 2015

Back to the gymnasium.....

Had a great training session tonight with Justin, was awesome to be back in the gym and we did a quick little circuit which consisted of upright rows with a kettlebell, pushups  (am on my knees ugh), squat press with kettlebell, plank holds (hello pain & weak core), i enjoyed it so much and I didn't beat myself up as i know my strength and fitness has reduced as I haven't trained this year (walking and yoga only). I am not going to lie it hurt like a mofo, I am hoping muscle memory kicks in quickly and this is the first time in over 15 years I haven't been fit!!
So super proud for pushing myself as I didn't feel up to going, tired day at work & winter has returned to Sydney so it is cold, wet and effing miserable. But I wanted to train, wanted to see my best mate Justin as I feel we don't see each other as much anymore as i stopped going to the gym & we love training. So glad I put my big girl undies on and just fucking did it. Session complete!!

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