24 August 2015

Week 34 #fmsphotoaday - I am back!

If you had read my previous posts you would understand how I have gotten off track taking a photo-a-day as somedays it was a challenge to just get up, get dressed and get to work let alone try and think creative and to remember the days prompt for a photo.
Life is life and sometimes the little things get put on pause. I love photography and love this challenge, so am excited to be back after a couple weeks and here is Week 34.
Monday 17: Inside
Went for an amazing beach walk on Sunday and took some snaps of the gorgeous turquoise waters walking from Coogee to Clovelly.  When I saw the prompt on Monday I thought "why be inside when you can be outside experiencing nature".
Tuesday 18: A Logo
Standing at the bus stop Tuesday afternoon as the sun goes down I noticed this red glare through the metal logo of Green Square train station.  Suppose it is only a logo if you perceive it to be.
Wednesday 19: Hat
My in-laws had an amazing summer travelling Europe and part of my little goody pack from Venice was this denium studded hat! Love it. bring on Summer
Thursday 20 - Surprise
A lovely manager from work sent this card to cheer me up after a stressful couple of weeks. Was truly nice to get a card in the post and know that someone was thinking of you and sending you happy thoughts.  We don't send enough surprise cards anymore.
Friday 21 - M is for .....
Mindfood magazine. My upmost favourite. So many great articles and stories from all over the world. Love coming home to this magazine with a  cuppa and just relaxing after a long day.
Saturday 22 - Path
Another gorgeous weekend walk near the beach with a gorgeous path leading me down to the ocean. The outdoors and water certainly recharges my batteries and the path shows me that it can lead anywhere you want it to in life.
Sunday 23 - Lighting
A great friend made me some chocolate pancakes for breakfast today and sitting there on the breakfast bar in the light they just looked SO good!  They definitely taste as good as they look.  Loved the light glimmering in the maple syrup. Divine.

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