9 July 2015

Week 26 #fmsphotoaday

22 Money - So many different currencies from travels in one little tin box....
23 View - Gorgeous view from the train every morning as I pass Circular Quay... will there be a cruise liner docked or not is the thought.
24 In the Garden - Some colourful leaves on my walk to work this morning and did a little filter action to get them looking colourful
25 Depth of Field - Lychee mocktail (Dry July biatches) and I thought I would make the lychee the star of the shot, because, I mean who doesn't love lychees?!
26 Gift - My 1st year wedding anniversary gift to my husband is of course an Instagram poster. Addicted much?
27 Mini - Sometimes the day just needs a mini magnum. The end.
28 Orange - The bir/pet store next to our house has this cool little orange dude which always lets me know from a distance if the shop is open or not to get kitty stuffs.

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