10 July 2015

Week 24 #fmsphotoaday

Week 24

8 Sadness
A gorgeous long weekend, drinks with a friend and this gorgeous view. Sadness to have to go back to work tomorrow.

9 Disgust
Sticking my hand up this chooks bottom to make delicious stuffing..... looks disgusting!
10 Anger
One of my pet peaves is people who litter and think that someone else will clean it up. Angry!!  Stop being a slob.
11 Fear
Three weeks before I got married in April 2014 I took a nice stroll outside and decided to sit in the nice deck chairs in the sun to relax and de-stress when they broke and I had huge bruises on the back of both my arms!!  I now have a fear of those fecking chairs.
12 Joy
Puppies make me smile. Lots of pats, licks and friendly meets makes me happy with joy.  All animals I love but dogs are always so friendly, wagging their tails and hoping you will come and play with them.
13 On My mind
Always have coffee on my mind... and this day at Tartine this was exactly what I had on my mind, good coffee.
14 Makes me feel good
Walking outside on a crisp early Sunday morning makes me feel good. It is hard to get out of a warm bed, but once the feet are walking and I take in the gorgeous surrounds I just feel so happy.

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