9 July 2015

Week 23 #fmsphotoaday

1 Many
Many different colours and themes of the Vivid Festival. My favourite is Customs House. Truly beautiful colours.
2 Looking Up
Coach Drew looking up at me after a game on Sunday football - cold and dark day and the boys played well but unfortunately didn't win. 
3 Silly
Love being silly with this man.  We have so much fun together and being silly and laughing is definitely a requirement for a happy marriage.  Silly eejits we are.
4 Starts With B
One of the best looking Bridges in Sydney I would say... no matter what angle you see it from, it is gorgeous.
5 Looking Down
Heading to Platform 6 at Wynyard to get train home.... looking down to see if my train is due at any minute to get home for the weekend. Happy Friday.
6 Who I am
A cheeky, down to earth, grateful, strong and independent woman who loves her friends, family and all animals.
7 Forgotten
Originally from Western Australia I had forgotten how gorgeously graceful swans are. Gliding along the water today at Centennial Park brought back lots of fabulous moments as a child being outdoors and chased by the swans!

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