17 May 2015

One more sleep... finally!

Love counting down until a holiday and I feel after the shite that has gone down in the last few months a week off on an island with my amazing husband is going to be just what we need.

A week on Hamilton Island will be the kickstart we both need after a busy first half of the year. I look forward to no mobile phone reception, lots of fresh air, no public germ transport, walks, no tv,  kayaking, swimming & exploring before we come back to get stuck into our health & fitness kickstart Jones challenge. To shed the pounds we have stored (thinking we are bears going into hibernation) and getting us back on board the health & fitness wagon that we have jumped on and off the last year. Mentally, physically fit & healthy please.  Having turned 41 this year and wanting to start a family I think we have both been reminded that life is short and shit happens (miscarriage, two cousins with cancer and a horrible scare with my dad having a mild stroke a month ago).  We have to realise that we aren't getting any younger and need to stop being yo-yo with our healthy lifestyle.  

Look forward to blogging about the tough challenge because we will find it tough.   But for now I am getting ready to set the alarm for five glorious nights away with my hubby because we deserve it. Amen.

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