12 March 2015

Week 8 #fmsphotoaday

16 From where I stand
After an overdue lunch catch up with friends I stopped to take in the view at World Square as it has been ages since I have been there, after working in the EY building for over 7 years was nice to come back and see the changes.
17 Routine
Love a cuppa? I do.  A good cup of tea is definitely a daily routine, sometimes black tea, sometimes white or green tea depending on my mood.  I do like it strong and am known to use two tea bags for one cuppa.  Irish in me you see.  This picture is of the cup I got two Christmas's ago from my lovely mother-in-law Sandra. Great present.
18 Bedside
Crystals, candles, angels to watch over me, to send me love, light and to give me energy on my bedside table.   My workbook from Leonie Dawson also to inspire my creative side, to push through barriers and to challenge me and a bottle of natural insect repellent from Thailand in case pesky mossies come in the window at night. 
19 Fresh
Fresh flowers delivered to me from my gorgeous friends after I had been through a difficult patch.  they smelt divine and were called spirit roses, perfect. They truly brightened my day with the fresh smell of roses in my house. Divine.
20 This is so me
Assembly Bar - Friday night drinks with Sarah and Anita.  Love this bar, great vibe, awesome cocktails and a cool bar that has candles, fresh roses and cute bartenders.  So me.
21 matching
Matching pillows on our love seat (which Mr Tiggy has claimed as his lounge) we have matching love pillows - pink and white.  I love that they give our backyard some colour and they were a very thoughtful gift from Drew's parents when we moved in to our new place nearly three years ago. 
22 Macro
Today's prompt was macro. I thought "I don't have a SLR camera, how on earth am I going to capture macro today?"!  Sunday morning I was feeling pretty chilled, cool morning as it had rained and I had made myself a yummy Nespresso and stood outside in the sunshine so glad it has come through the clouds and it really lifted my mood.  I saw the vines glistening in the sun and thought, "wonder how much zoom my Samsung phone actually has?"!  This was the result and I even blogged about it that day, click here to read. 
Really a gorgeous week with friends and feeling very loved and am so grateful for so many great people in my life.  This is the reason why I am doing this photo-a-day challenge because it truly makes you stop and think about your day, capturing a vision of something that you want to share and that moment you will always have will be in Instagram, my blogs and also Facebook if shared images there.   I wanted to do a little blog for my pictures to look back on and realise that even though we get caught up in the mundane day to day routine we can truly experience greatness everywhere we look, we just have to open our eyes.

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