11 March 2015

Week 7 #fmsphotoaday

So behind on my blogging.. here is Week 7!


9 Energy
Feeling a little sluggish means I need to exercise more to get more usable energy and swimming is the place that I need to be more often.  For me following the black line is time when I can just let go of all the stress, tension and worries and give my body a good swim session.
10 Inspires Me
Part of the sluggishness means I need to get myself back into exercise. It makes you feel good, inspires me to be more creative in my life, gives me more energy and reduces the cortisol in the body.  This photo of Drew and I on our first trip to Thailand together I felt so fit and healthy and alive.  This is what inspires me to train hard, eat well, rest, recover, be at one with body and mind.
11 On the Wall
Our security system at home is our fluffy ginger SH Tiggy. He likes to be up high and keep an eye on the other units behind us, always on the wall chilling out and keeping an eye on things.  Love this little bundle.
12 Pointy
Taking some time out this week to relax and pamper myself with a little pedicure on the way home from a busy day at work.  Love that you get a nice massaging chair, someone to scrub and make your feet pretty plus you get a nice foot massage, leg massage and hot towels. An hour of bliss for $28. not a bad way to spend I say.
13 Temptation
Dark chocolate with nuts. My favourite chocolate ever. The darker the better.  The taste of the cacao and the nuts together is a marriage made in heaven. You don't get that mad sugar high, low and it tastes divine.  This is my temptation today.
14 Love
Love is a many splendid thing, love lifts us up where we belong and for me love is something I will always cherish with this gorgeous man.  Love is being there for each other in the good and bad times/days, to be supportive, to give hugs and just be together knowing you are enough. the security that comes with love is amazing but also so scary that you could lose it at any moment. I love looking at Drew and just knowing that with my entire body and soul I love this man.  I spend time thinking about how lucky I am to have him in my life, how happy he makes me and focusing on the good and not the bad. I hear many women whinge about their husbands, men are simple creatures.
15 Spot
Spot on the ground. Was walking to the train station on my way home from work and noticed this spot, took a picture as it shows of my newly manicured toes too!  yay.  Hometime makes me happy, spotting things makes me happy. Didn't think this would be the photo for this prompt for today but like that it is.

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