16 March 2015

Week 11 #fmsphotoaday

This week was a great week for #fmsphotoaday - I really felt this week captured moments that truly reflect how I was feeling, not having to find something for the daily prompt.  

9 Make
Happy National Meatball Day.  We had mince out of the freezer to make an easy Monday night bolognese and ended up having meatballs after my friend Jo reminded me (how dare I forget) that today was indeed meatball day.  Needless to say these were the best meatballs I have eaten in a long time. Scrumptious.

10 Floral
Hydrangeas I love. I walk past them everyday on my way home from work and they just always seem to say "hello, how are you going today"!  They always have a certain class about them and I love how the colours change depending on the day/weather.  

11 Happy Place
Wednesday night at the Ivy, tasting Wines from Around the World with Sarah R.  In my happy place. With a great friend who I haven't seen for a while, drinking wine from all around the world. Perfect.  The list had 126 wines on it... I could not tell you how many I indeed tasted but I know my head felt it the next day.  Two surprises - Underwood Pinot Noir from Oregon and Beyerskloof, Chenin Blanc/Pinotage from South Africa.

12 Details
Greenespresso cafe does the best homemade food. Even with my seediness from the wine last night I wanted something relatively good for me for lunch.  A small homemade beef/vegetable pie with spiral pasta salad with sweet potato, kale, curried cauliflower was amazing. Love how the platters of salads are on the table (not in a germ infested bain marie).

13 Colour
Fire warden training today took us to our new office on Erskine Street where they  had these gorgeous pink lillies in the floral display!  Love love flowers at the moment as a reminder of nature, colour and colourful flowers make me smile.

14 Favourite
Another flower themed prompt.  The smell of the frangipanni is amazing and always makes me think of tropical holidays, sun, sand, surf and swimming.  

15 Small
Decided to do a clean of my crystals and stones yesterday and realised that my collection is quite small.  I think I need to get this up and get some new colourful runes to work with.

Love how I can keep this online journal of my weeks. having done the 365 challenge before I like that this time I have a prompt to make me think.

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