2 February 2015

Week Four of #fmsphotoaday

I forgot to blog about my Week Four challenge with #fmsphotoaday!  It was a bit of a mad week last week.   Four day week and all that.

Monday 19th Homemade
A picture of delicious red velvet cupcakes I made as a Christmas present for my friend Justin.  I know he loves all things sweet, cupcakes and loves sprinkles so it was such a happy present to make as I knew he would LOVE them.

Tuesday 20th Window
There is something about cathedral windows that I love, I believe they mirror some gorgeous energy about the church and always find myself looking admiringly at them and this makes me feel happy and connected to higher energy.

Wednesday 21st In a row
Pillars on a gorgeous Heritage listed building make me realise I live in an amazing city in a fabulous country whilst still so young have some gorgeous architecture.

Thursday 22nd Collection
I have fond memories of wood from my Pop growing up. He always was so crafty with his hands and could make anything with wood or other scraps he could find.  He loved proper wood and I used to love listening to his stories about oak, mahogany and my favourite wood Jarrah.  

Friday 23rd Something far away
Friday night sitting at Essenza Italian restaurant with my husband for date night (after he had found their pictures on Instagram and we had drooled too long over the yummy food porn pictures) the sunset was truly gorgeous. Just felt so happy sitting there looking at my man, feeling like the luckiest woman alive. Sunsets and dreams.

Saturday 24th Play time
This little poppet is my niece Elissa, she is just a bundle of energy and her laugh is infectious.  Playing on the see-saw at the park watching her smile and enjoy the simple play time fun in life made me so happy (plus I had a great coffee)!

Sunday 25th black & white
Date lunch with Justin and we headed to a new restaurant in Bondi Junction Westfield called El Topo, where you can get crickets on the menu. Normally I am always happy to try new things I decided to get the slow cooked lamb. Yum. We washed it down with pineapple soda and a hibiscus and lime drink. Yum Yum in my tum tum.

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