12 January 2015

Week Two of #fmsphotoaday

Another fun week of the #fmsphotoaday challenge.  I must admit I did not put too much thought into the prompts, was first week back at work and had to actually use my brain which obviously shut out any creative thoughts! Continued on with my happy theme for the month. 

5th Square - INXS Shabooh Shoobah album listening too. One of my favourite albums of all time and have it on vinyl.  The One Thing  is the ultimate INXS song.  Most people know I was obsessed with Michael Hutchence.

6th Round - Love when the lights go green, go go go!

7th Currently Reading - Mindfood magazine - the mixture of health, fitness and psychology articles makes me happy as I hate reading trashy magazines.

8th Landscape - an ocean shot from doing the Watson's Bay walk, mixing the love of the ocean with walking with a friend and having coffee.

9th Pattern - Seeing lovely flowers make me smile, then I realised it was for Marc Jacobs "Daisy"  that smells divine. Gorgeous pattern.

10th Hello - I always greet my coffee with a "hello lover" with my best impression of Marilyn Monroe.......ahem. Divine coffee at Cafe Morso, Saturday brunch with friends.

11th I see - I was watching a National Geographic documentary on one of my favourite mammals, the penguin (after seeing the new penguin movie last week too) and I was so happy on the couch chilling that I thought, "this is my prompt for today".

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